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Who is the Chiefs 2017 MVP?

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Fescoe In The Morning
January 23, 2018 - 8:19 pm

The Chiefs season didn't end like we all hoped it would, but that doesn't mean some players didn't stand out individually in 2017.   Fescoe in the Morning has their Chiefs MVP candidates.

Kling - Im pretty sure 27 has pretty much swept all of my blog categories recently.  But Kareem Hunt is the Chiefs 2017 MVP as he took the NFL rushing title as a rookie on this TD run vs Denver.

1782 yards from scrimmage with an NFL leading 1327 yards rushing and I don't even feel like he got overtaxed.  Can't wait to see that the future holds.

Fescoe - Get the tomatos ready...Alex Smith is the MVP of the 2017 Chiefs.  In order for the Chiefs to have offensive success Alex Smith had to be willing to change his game.  With the help of a great playbook created by Matt Nagy, Smith did just that.  He evolved.  After more than a decade doing it the same way, Smith evolved and the Chiefs were better for it.  We saw it right out of the gate in New England and he and Tyreek Hill became a dynamic duo in the passing game.  We saw throws we never saw Alex make and he put up numbers that we never saw in KC as well.

Alex is most likely done in KC but he will go on and play a few more years for a team that appreciates him.

Welch - Eric Berry. 2017 was the year that everybody, no matter your preconcieved notions, found out how valuable Eric Berry is to the Chiefs. It's impossible to quantify how much Eric Berry means to this team. He's massive from a production stand point, but the leadership and turnover mentality he brings to the defense was sorely missed in 2017. Not to mention, he makes the impact plays needed to win big games.

The Good News: Eric Berry tore his achilles in Week 1, so he should be fully healthy by Week 1 of 2018.

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