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What Was The Most Underachieving Chiefs Team In History?

The Fescoe in the Morning Crew Breaks It Down

Fescoe In The Morning
January 25, 2018 - 6:00 am

The Chiefs have had some amazing teams over the years, but aside from Len Dawson, Hank Stram, and the rest of the Super Chiefs, most of those teams underachieved. The Fescoe in the Morning crew breaks down which one they think underachieved the most.

Welch - 1995. This team was built to win a Super Bowl. Yeah, Steve Bono wasn't a great QB, but this was during an era where that mattered a little bit less. Also, who needs a QB when you have the 1-2 punch of Marcus Allen and Greg "The Real Deal" Hill in the backfield? The defense was probably the best the Chiefs have ever had. Derrick Thomas, Dan Saleaumua, Neil Smith, should I go on? Yes? Sure! James Hasty, Mark Collins, Tracy Simien. Just unreal. 

They finished the season 13-3 with the #1 seed in the AFC Playoffs.... then the worst playoff game in the history of ever took place...

Nobody needs to see Lin Elliot miss field goals against the Colts in the playoffs again, so I gave you a cute puppy video instead. You're welcome. That said, Lin Elliot did look very similar to that puppy while trying to kick field goals against the Colts in the playoffs. Here's to the Patrick Mahomes Era!

Kling - While 1995's playoff exit was indeed one of the toughest to get over.  For me 1997's again 13-3 season with a divisional round exit was the most underachieving.  I thought that team was going to win it all.  Greg Hill and Marcus Allen combined for over 1000 yards and 11 TDs (all Marcus).  Andre Bad Moon Rison had 1000 yards and 7 TDs.  Derrick Thomas had 9 1/2 sacks, Mighty Mouse Mark McMillan had 8 picks.  Pete Stoyanovich was automatic.   Oh except that QB thing ... Grbac or Gannon.   And the answer is still Gannon.  Dammit.   I can't even .... 

And the rest is history.   Bleeping Donkeys.

Fescoe - For me its this season.  Obviously I was bought into this team early on.  In fact, back in May I was thinking this team could do wonderful things.  I was totally wrong.  The reason I think this team is the most underachieving is because they were the most complete team the Chiefs have had in my lifetime.  They finally had multiple playmakers on the offensive side, they had stars on the defensive side and special teamers that could change the game immediately.  The fact that they failed with this kind of talent is disgusting.  I wonder how this team would fare if Dick Vermeil were the coach or even Marty.  Neither one of those coaches had a complete squad like Andy had in 2017.  Coaching held these guys back, not talent.

I guess I shouldn't buy in too hard next year.


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