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What Pisses Us Off About the '17 Chiefs?

Besides a Bad Start to 2018

Fescoe In The Morning
January 08, 2018 - 3:41 pm

The 2017 Chiefs season certainly didn't end how we all wanted (even for Spec despite his ire for Alex Smith).   But what REALLY pissed us off about the '17 campaign?

Fescoe - Andy Reid.  I feel like a scorned lover here with Tennessee Indy Reid.  On one hand I know we have it really good with him in charge but on the other hand I wonder if we could do better.  I feel like I have seen this movie and it really has the same ending every single time.  It ends with heartbreak and T.I.R. is the leading role every single time.  He was calling the plays when they blew the 28 point lead in Indy.  He was calling the plays when it took them 2 days to score 1 touchdown down 2 in New England.  He was calling the plays when they failed to use the NFL's leading rusher on Saturday in the playoffs.  Choose any of the games and they all end the same way, with Reid taking blame and saying he has to do a better job.  Maybe doing a better job the week BEFORE the game would allow him to have success.  He hasn't won multiple playoff games in a season in TEN years.  The bloom is starting to fall off the T.I.R. flower for me.  Very disappointed that such a successful coach can continue to stink it up in the playoffs.

Kling - First off I'm pissed at myself for falling for it again.  5-0 gave me red and gold glasses.

Aside from some of the things I agree with from Fescoe above about the frustrations with Andy Reid,  I'm pissed we didn't get to see Eric Berry in 2017.   The Chiefs really needed him on and off the field.  I think this Chiefs defense really would have fed off of 29 and he'd had made those around him better.   Can't wait for his return.

Welch Waiting for the future to begin. 

This was a unique situation in 2017. The Chiefs traded up to draft Patrick Mahomes 10th overall, even giving up their 2018 1st Round Pick to do so. No organization in history would do this without making a clear choice that they want to move on from their current QB, so Mahomes wasn't just the future, but the very near future. Then, we got to see him in preseason.

Then, we had to wait until Week 17 to get another glimpse of Mahomes.

Now, at the very least, I can stop pulling my hair out and waiting for the future. It's here. The Chiefs are in his hands. Let the Patrick Mahomes Era begin.

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