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Priest Holmes Greatest Moments

Priest will announce the Chiefs' 2nd round pick at the NFL Draft on Friday

Fescoe In The Morning
April 24, 2018 - 7:21 pm

Priest Holmes will be announcing the Chiefs' 2nd round pick on Friday. Hall of Fame LB Willie Lanier will announce the Chiefs' 3rd round picks. This is all assuming the Chiefs don't trade any of those picks, but surely, Priest and Willie will announce some picks.

It got us to thinking about our favorite Priest Holmes Chiefs moments.

Welch - Mine is not a singular moment, more of a thing Priest did often that I remember so vividly. When it looked like a play was completely screwed and there was no way the Chiefs were going to turn it into a positive, Priest Holmes was there to bail everybody out.

Trent Green was dead-to-rights, and here comes Priest to rescue on a totally broken play turned into six points. Priest Holmes did this stuff all the time, and it was awesome. Special, special player.

Kling - All of the Priest TDs .. if I remember one game it's the 8 TD game he and Derrick Blaylock put up.

But I say all of the TDs because there were a few seasons that I really, really wanted to get that first pick of the fantasy football draft to beat my friends to take Priest #1.  I know I wasn't alone.

Fescoe - I remember the first time I saw Priest Holmes on a practice field in KC.  It was May of 2001 and I had just started working at KMBZ as the afternoon sports show producer.  Priest and I arrived in KC around the same time.  I had just moved up from San Antonio and he is from the Alamo City.  A bond!  I immediately scheduled him to come on our show.  The host at the time told me, "He's a back up running back, why do we want him on the show?"  "Trust me", I said.  Turns out I was right.  Holmes was amazing.  One time I asked Dick Vermeil why Preist Holmes is able to do what he does every Sunday.  Dick had the best answer:  "He does what he does, because he does what he does."  HUH??  What coach meant was, he is successful on game days because he prepares like no one else.  Every carry in practice ended in the end zone.  The guy was a machine.  The memory that I have of Priest that stands out is his first real breakout game in KC.  It was in early October at home against Pittsburgh.  It was the first time KC fans got to see Holmes dominate in person.  He ran for 150 yards that day and scored 2 touchdowns.  That was the game that put Priest on the map.  From that moment on, he was unstoppable in the backfield for KC.

Check out THIS play!


Hear the guys' full thoughts below: 

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