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One Chief Who Stands Out, One Who Doesn't

Fescoe in the Morning looks at halfway mark of preseason

Fescoe In The Morning
August 21, 2018 - 7:15 am

Cut day is still two games away, but Fescoe in the Morning will look at some standouts and disappointments through two Chiefs games.

Kling - If I can't take my fellow Hawkeye as my standout, then there's no point in doing this exercise.  A run stuffing, big play #56 is still very much a part of the Chiefs!   And it's not DJ.  Undrafted rookie out of IOWA Ben Niemann is making a name for himself.

Oh wait there's more.

He could be a surprise to make this team, maybe it's practice squad, but I'm not discounting the 53.

Not so good ... David Amerson.   Just not a fan.  I don't think he's any good, Steven Nelson went out of the preseason game with Atlanta and the Falcons went at him on the first play.   Picking on a guy in preseason doesn't spell good things.

Fescoe - After talking with our own Jay Binkley I got fired up for running back Darrel Williams of LSU.  Binkley informed me that Williams had more yards rushing last year than Derrius Guice did for Georgia and he was a high draft pick.  And he's a guy that was making plays last Friday night in Atlanta...look at him out of the backfield!

You always need an arsenal of running backs during an NFL season and Darrel Williams could be a sneaky 3rd running back this year in Kansas City.

My disappoinment is Demitrius Harris.  This guy had a bad offseason and was literally called out by Andy Reid for missing a block in the first preseason game.  He's been on the roster longer than he should have been and I just don't see what he really brings to the table.  His nickname is Incompleterius Harris for a reason.  I just don't think he needs to be on this team anymore.

Ryan - My standout, and I know this will sound crazy, has been Chad Henne. No, there's not a QB controversy or anything, but I have been pleased with how Henne has handled his role. Coming into the season, I thought the gap between starter & bakup was enormous, but Henne's play has made me slightly more comfortable if the worst-case-scenario were to happen. 

My disappointment is any CB not named Kendall Fuller. This one may be a little personal, because I thought coming into the season the secondary would be better than advertised. Well, cue the Denny Green... "they are who we thought they were!" 


The guys discussed this MORE on the show: 

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