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NFL Draft: Chiefs Biggest Needs

Where can KC improve?

Fescoe In The Morning
April 26, 2018 - 5:30 am

The NFL Draft is Thursday Night, and the Chiefs have quite a few holes to fill on their roster.

The guys from Fescoe in the Morning give you the 3 Biggest Needs the Chiefs must address in the draft.

Welch - 

1. Pass-rusher

The Chiefs have a really solid pass rush if Dee Ford and Justin Houston both stay 100% healthy for 16 games. Since that has literally never happened, they need help there more than anything. Also, with 2 new young CBs on the outside, pass rush will be even more key than it has been for KC in recent years. 

2. Cornerback

So far this offseason, the Chiefs traded Marcus Peters, but added Kendall Fuller and David Amerson. They also cut Phillip Gaines, which is addition by subtraction. Frankly, they need more. Fuller and Amerson will have to grow into their roles, and that means the Chiefs will need even more depth behind them.

3. Tight End

Some will tilt their head at this, but it makes sense. First, all of the "The Chiefs OL sucks" fans can look to the NFL's rushing title holder Kareem Hunt and remember this OL is pretty damn good. But, when Travis Kelce went down in the playoffs, the Chiefs offense fell apart. They need a more reliable backup, and with Kelce being 29 years old, KC could be looking for his long term replacement. 

Fescoe - 

1.  Cornerback

I feel bad for Brett Veach.  His owner, Clark Hunt, created a problem the Chiefs didn't have when he forced Veach to trade Peters for kneeling for the anthem.  Peters is an all star CB that would help this team win now but clearly Hunt doesn't value winning as much as his fans value winning.  So by default of a dumb move by the owner, Veach now has to fill a void that he shouldn't have to fill and potentially waste a pick on a position early that two months ago was seen as a strength.  Moves like this is why teams stay in neutral.

2.  Pass Rusher

The Chiefs have no one that can get to the QB on a consistent basis.  Justin Houston is just cashing checks and Dee Ford can't stay healthy.  In this edition of the NFL you have to stop the QB.  The best way to do that is to sack him.  The Chiefs need to find someone to get pressure on the QB ASAP.

3.  Defensive line

Name 3 guys on the defensive line...I dare you to!  If the Chiefs can't stop the run, the offense will never get an opportunity to perform up to its billing.  They have to get some fattys on the line who can shut down the opposition's running game.

Kling - 

1.  Defensive line

Rushing the QB is nice, but I need some beef to stop the run.  If you can get to the QB great, but your primary focus needs to be clogging up space to let the LBs run and making plays on your own.  

2.  OLB

There needs to be some thought on how replaces Justin Houston and Dee Ford, possibly as soon as next year.  Even if they think Tanoh Kpassagnon is one of those guys, they need to be thinking more.  Pass rushing OLBs don't grow on trees do they?

3.  Cornerback

I'm just so pissed that this is as big of a need as it is.  They did it to themselves.



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