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Fescoe in the Morning Weighs in on Two Weeks of Chiefs

Fescoe In The Morning
September 19, 2017 - 5:00 am

The Chiefs are 2-0, and even though it's still early, there's a lot to take away from the first two games.  Kansas City beat two really good teams, probable playoff teams, and they did it in two very different ways. One game was rather pretty and full of amazing offensive performances, and one was an ugly grinder.  What both have in common is they're impressive victories. 

The Fescoe in the Morning crew has put together their most impressive things from the first two weeks, and least impressive.


Most Impressive:  For me I think its pretty obvious.  The most impressive part of the Chiefs thru 2 weeks is Alex Smith.  Even though I have always been a bigger Smith fan than just about anyone else, the QB has been awesome in the first two weeks against some really good teams.  If Smith continues to play like this, no one will be talking about Pat Mahomes taking over next year.  Smith has risen to the challenge for the first 2 weeks of the season.  The only question is, will the clock strike midnight or will he ride this play all the way to the Super Bowl.

Least Impressive:  My biggest disappointment has been the offensive line.  Smith has been sacked 7 times in 2 weeks.  That pace HAS to slow down and maybe it will now that New England and Philadelphia are off the schedule.  The fatties up front have to do a better job of giving Smith and Kareem Hunt time.  If they don't get better, Hill, Kelce and Conley won't be a big factor in the offense.  It all starts up front and those dudes need to get better.


Most Impressive: Pass Rush. Welcome back to the party, Justin Houston! One of the major reasons we've seen the Chiefs lose in the playoffs in recent years is lack of pass rush. Well, through 2 games the Chiefs have 9 sacks. NINE! That's a huge number, even already knowing how impactful a healthy Justin Houston would be. 

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Least Impressive: Offensive Line. Alex Smith looked like he was running for his life way too many times against the Eagles. The rushing attack also took a long time to get going in week 2. That said, it's not like the OL has been "bad", just the least impressive, and the eventual return of Parker Ehinger should also add some fire.


Most Impressive:  Kareem Hunt.  While I called for Hunt to get 1500 yards from scrimmage after the Spencer Ware injury.  He's on pacing at almost double that through two games.  There's no reason to think it may drop off (barring injury of course) he's had only 30 carries through two games so he's not being over taxed.

Least Impressive:  The corners not named Marcus Peters.  I had optimism for Terrance Mitchell and Steven Nelson to hold the fort.  Nelson is on IR and Mitchell has been a punching bag for the opening two weeks and it won't be getting any easier as it's clear no one is really interested in throwing towards Peters.  Phillip Gaines makes me scared every time the ball goes up.  That only leaves Kenneth Acker and DJ White.  Guess I need to keep some optimism for Mitchell, there's not much choice.


Most Impressive: Andy Reid and the coaching staff. Have we seen any clock management blunders, not really. Have they looked prepared both weeks, 100%. The offensive playcalling has been nothing short of brilliant by Reid & Nagy plus Bob Sutton has now held Brady & Wentz in check the first two weeks. We love to crush coaches after losses but never praise after wins, I'll go ahead and do that after two wees

Least Impressive: I'm going to nitpick here and stay away from the second CB spot; I think its been the return game & specifically De'Anthony Thomas. I don't know how many times he can take the ball 5 yards deep in the end zone and get it out to the 15 yard line. Everytime he does that, its basically a 10 yard penalty. I know he is always one step away, but its frutrating starting a drive backed up. Also, #10 scares me to death trying to field punts in traffic!!!!

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