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From Fescoe in the Morning

Fescoe In The Morning
December 20, 2017 - 5:00 am

An active 2017 is about to come to a close, so the guys from Fescoe in the Morning have decided to salute their Sports Persons of the Year for Kansas City.  We have each nominated a KC Sports Person we feel deserves Person of the Year.

Fescoe- Kareem Hunt.  On Tuesday moring I called him the most valuable Chiefs player since Priest Holmes on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.  He has been spectacular.  He is on pace to shatter every Chiefs rookie rushing record and he could very well take home rookie of the year honors.  I've never seen an offense have success or failure based on one player like the Chiefs seem to have with Hunt.  When he gets 20 or more carries, the Chiefs win.  When he gets fewer than 20 carries, the Chiefs lose.  All the success this year can be given to many folks but it all comes down to Hunt.  What a steal in the 3rd round.

Kling- Andy Reid / John Dorsey.   Yes I said it, bear with me.  How could this combo that didn't last into the season be the POY?  Well I'm giving it to them for doing something no one in Kansas City had done since 1983 and drafted a quarterback in the first round!  I guess Andy gets more of the nod because it seems he was mostly responsible for the pick of Patrick Mahomes II.  But I'm not in the war room so they are both getting a thank you from me.  

Welch- Salvador Perez. Sal embodies everything you coud ever want in an athlete. Not only does his energy make you smile  24/7, but Perez is also one of the best catchers in MLB over the last five years, hands down. He was also the 2015 World Series MVP, just in case anybody forgot, but this is about 2017. 2017, where Sal Perez had his best season as a hitter. 2017, where Perez made his 5th straight All-Star Game appearance, 4th as a starter, becoming the first Royal to accomplish that feat since George Brett (pretty sweet company). 2017, where the "SALVY SLASH" continued to reign supreme over Kansas City.

KC Sports Person of the Year

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