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Fixing The Mistakes

What is the biggest mistake in KC sports that should have been rectified earlier?

Fescoe In The Morning
May 25, 2018 - 8:00 am

At this time of year we come up with some fun random topics related to sports.  Fescoe saw an article about the Jets trading Christian Hackenberg to the Raiders.  They said it was the Jets finally getting out of a big time mistake.  So we decided to come up with the biggest mistakes made in KC sports that we wish could have been rectified.

Fescoe - There have been a lot of mistakes but I really think the biggest mistake that was rectified was the vision of the Kansas City Royals.  Before Dayton Moore arrived, there wasn't much of a scouting staff and there wasn't much of a minor league system.  When Dayton arrived, he was able to convince Mr. Glass and his family they needed to invest in scouting and international talent.  The Royals listened and they ended up winning a World Series title.  There was plenty of reason to not listen to Moore as the fixes were going to be very costly.  However,  Mr. Glass was tired of losing and listened to Moore every single step of the way.  It's not often we get a chance to start all over again but that is what happened with the Royals and it turned out for the best!

Bob Fescoe

Kling - I agreed with it at the time based on what was reported and what I was hearing, but KU firing football coach Mark Mangino was a massive, massive mistake.  A witch hunt by the then AD forced out the best football coach the school has ever had.   KU has had no more than three wins in a season since 2010 and is 15-81 since Mangino left.   

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