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Defining Moments

What Defined the Chiefs in 2017?

Fescoe In The Morning
January 18, 2018 - 10:19 am

What are the defining moments in the 2017 Chiefs season?  Fescoe in the Morning takes a look at their picks.

Kling - It's going to sound strange but the defining moment of the Chiefs season came on the first offensive play.

That's right Kareem Hunt coughing up the football on his first offensive touch in New England.   We got to see his toughness and how he faces adversity right after the first play of his career.   The kid never lost a fumble in college, yet puts it on the grass in his NFL debut in the stand alone opening game of the season!  And what does Hunt do?  Goes on to 246 total yards and 3 TDs vs the Patriots, then onto the NFL rushing title as a rookie.    Atta boy kid! 

Fescoe - The defining moment for me was when the clock hit 0:00 in the Wild Card Game.  A team that I 100% bought into had just flamed out AGAIN in the post season and AGAIN blew an 18 point lead.  It made me come to the realization that the Andy Reid era will always leave me feeling unfulfilled and maybe being a Chiefs fan will always leave us wanting more. 

And yes he does need to do a better job in the post season but as a franchise that has really been terrible before his arrival Andy has done an amazing job of bringing back fun to Arrowhead.  I just want it to happen in the post season.

Welch - How can there be any other answer than when Patrick Mahomes completed his first career pass in the regular season to Demetrius "Hands" Harris!?

We got a glimpse of the future, and the future is incredibly bright for this organization with Patrick Mahomes at the helm. I understand a lot of people are going to be reserved in their judgement, but I believe Mahomes will be elite. He has everything, not just physically. Patrick has the leadership skills, the even-keel demeanor, and the clutch gene. He even had to display that clutch gene after Tyrler Bray gave the game back to the Broncos in Week 17.

Think about how hard it is for Mahomes to go to the sideline, be told that his day is done, watch Tyler Bray self-destruct, be told he has to go back in to lead a game-winning drive, and then actually pull it off. Patrick Mahomes is undefeated as a starter, and I can't wait for the 2018 Chiefs season to start.

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