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Over Hyped / Under Hyped Chiefs Preseason Stories

What will or won't get the early attention?

Fescoe In The Morning
August 07, 2018 - 4:06 pm

As preseason games get underway for the Chiefs, Fescoe in the Morning takes a stab at what they think will be the most overhyped and underhype Chiefs storylines of the next several weeks.

Kling - Overhyped (this side of Pat Mahomes) will be Sammy Watkins.  Maybe this hip hiccup (hopefully only a hiccup) may take some heat off the spotlight for a minute if he gets limited reps.  But even in the preseason, every rep / catch, or non-catch, will be heavily magnified.   It would definitely help to just catch a TD or two.

Underhyped (this side of how $$$ Dustin Colquitt is) will be the defensive line.   I think the DL gets lost in the conversation of the new middle LBs and Dee Ford's return and what exactly how bad the secondary will be.  The play up front will be critical to the prospects of improvement on defense.   There's a new NT Xavier Williams who hasn't played much, everyone likes Chris Jones but he's got a jump to make and Allen Bailey is set to make about $5.5 mil -- I'd like to hear his name called!


Overhyped – After applying the “other than Mahomes” caveat, I think it’s the loss of Marcus Peters. Look, I think Peters was and is a great talent, but this could turn out to be addition by subtraction. It’s never a good thing to lose a player of his caliber, but I feel that as a unit the secondary is better equipped to play Bob Sutton’s brand of defense & will be improved from last season. 


Underhyped - I know I keep going back to this, but I think it’s Spencer Ware. With the success of Kareem Hunt, we quickly forget he was the starter heading into last season. Also, the fact that Ware is still not cleared for contact is helping to keep him off the radar. However, Ware is a guy that has shown he can carry the load for a team, is coming off of injury, and will be a free agent this coming offseason. Sounds like a recipe for motivation to me! 


Overhyped-  So what you are telling me is I can't pick Mahomes for overhyped or underhyped?  Well I don't need to pick him at all because the hype is just right, oh yeah.  I think the offensive line is overhyped going into the preseason.  I've done a few interviews around the country and they all ask about the line.  "Well, what about that line there in KC?"  I have to say each time that I like the offensive line.  I think it's going to be good this season.  In fact, last year it was really good.  They had a 4,000 yard passer and the leagues leading rusher.  How bad could it have been? So I think as we enter into 2018, people (many people) will be overhyping the fact that the offensive line needs to get better when really they just need to be the same as they were last season.

Underhyped- I think the most underhyped situation coming into the season is the change in offensive coordinator, at least here in Kansas City.  The last 2 coordinators, Matt Nagy and Doug Pederson have gone on to be head coaches in the NFL.  I think nationally folks are talking about how the loss of Nagy could hurt the Chiefs and Mahomes but no one here is really mentioning the new dynamic on offense, not just on game day but during the week as well.  Nagy and Pederson knew that playbook up and down and had been with Andy Reid for more than a decade.  Eric Bieniemy joined Coach Reid when they arrived here in Kansas City so he doesn't have a long time with Big Red.  I think also losing 2 former pro QBs in Pederson and Nagy could hurt from an experience standpoint.  We shall see how the new dynamic of offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy plays out in KC and how the loss of the 2 previous ones could come back and hurt the Chiefs.


We discussed this further on today's show: 

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