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The Chiefs' Next Major Investment

Who Will Get The Big Bucks?

Fescoe In The Morning
May 09, 2018 - 10:51 am

This offseason, the Chiefs had a clear objective to get younger on defense and across the board. Some big money comes off the books with the departures of Alex Smith, Tamba Hali, and Derrick Johnson, so KC has some money to spend in the future.

Who will be the next Chiefs player to get a big contract?

Welch - Reggie Ragland

Reggie hasn't been in KC long, but boy has he made an impact. During the 2017 season, Ragland was given the “Coach-to-Player” radio system in his helmet while he was being mentored by Derrick Johnson. Prior to this year's draft, Brett Veach said he believes Ragland can be a star in the NFL. Immediately after the 2018 NFL Draft, Ragland went out of his way to take the rookies under his wing and make sure they feel welcome on the defense. That's the kind of leader you want at ILB for the long term. As for Ragland's production, this... 


and this... 

speak for themselves.

Add in the fact Reggie Ragland's contract is up after the 2019 season, and I would not be shocked at all to see him sign a big, long-term contract by this time next year.

Kling - My answer as to who 'should' is probably nobody, but I'll go with Tyreek Hill.  I think Kareem Hunt is going to have terrific early numbers and the thought will be to pay him, but I'm not paying RBs.  Turn them and burn them every few years.  Keeping a #1 WR though?  That will cost you.  I think Hill will be worthy of keeping in the fold.   And after being a lower draft pick that overshot his draft slot by a mile, he'll have to be thinking big second contract, especially after he saw what Sammie Watkins got!

Fescoe - This is a question that takes a lot of thought and my answer may surprise many people but its Pat Mahomes.  The NFL is won and lost by QB's.  We sit around every day and wait for Brady and Big Ben to hang em up so we have a shot to win.  There have been changes with New England and Pittsburgh but the one constant is the QB.  You have to have the QB to win.  Spend the money there and rest will take care of itself.  The Pats find a rando every year to play WR and the Steelers found Antonio Brown in the middle rounds of the draft.  Plus if Mahomes keeps making throws like this we will want him in KC forever!


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