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The Opener is Here!

What do we really want to see from the Chiefs?

Fescoe In The Morning
August 08, 2018 - 11:05 am

The Chiefs open the preseason slate at home vs Houston.  What does Fescoe in the Morning REALLY want to see get done in the preseason games?


Kling - While I acknowledge it won't be a finished product.  I really want to see what the secondary looks like against other competition.  While I think the Chiefs offensive playmakers are really good, I feel like I've seen way too many not so great plays by the back line.

This can't happen.  From all indications both Steven Nelson and Kendall Fuller have had good camps, but after that it's a massive question mark.   As the Chiefs have four games to play a whole bunch of people, we might need to see the whole cast run through to find any kind of depth beyond the first two.   Sleepers here -- Tremon Smith the rookie draft pick out of Central Arkansas who could also be in the return game and is super confident in his speed and Arrion Springs, undrafted rookie out of Oregon, he made me search for my roster several times in a recent practice to say "who is this guy?" (in a good way!)


Fescoe - This is taking the easy way out but I want to see everyone come out of the game healthy.  Preseason is a scary time.  Exhibition games are used to line the owners pockets with some extra cash and when you are a team like the Chiefs that has a shot to win big, the fake games can only hurt you in the long run.  Every single preseason we see a team suffer a devastating injury.  We already lost starting safety Daniel Sorenson.  The Chiefs are a veteran team on offense and they really only need to see Sammy Watkins and Pat Mahomes get a little synergy on the field Thursday night.  As long as they play their series and get out healthy I am satisfied.

On defense I would like to see who lines up at inside linebacker tonight and who plays along side Eric Berry at safety.  No matter what happens tonight, barring injury, my thoughts on the 2018 Chiefs won't change.  They are still an 11-5 team that will win the division.  Book it!

Ryan - I know it's tough to not get excited about the first preseason game, even though we know it will ultimately leave you just wanting more. For me, I just want to see how the rookies are translating to the NFL. Do they look overwhelmed by the game speed? Do the things that stood out in college still stand out in the NFL? How do they handle failure?Not that I pass judgement after one game, but I really think this is about the only thing you can take away. The rest are just knocking the rust off.

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