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The Chiefs Biggest Hump in 2017

Who did wrong?

Fescoe In The Morning
January 09, 2018 - 11:22 am

Fescoe - The offensive line as a whole gets this award from me because its seemed like each week there was someone different on the line that was taking the fall for the lack of success.  One week Eric Fisher is getting eaten alive by James Harrison.  Then the next week Brian Witzman is getting crushed by fans for wiffing on a block.  Zach Fulton was in a category all his own when he was absolutely brutal against the Buffalo Bills.  Once Fulton moved to center his play improved.  There was even criticism for the Canadian Doctor Larry Tardiff at times.  The offensive line really just lacked consistency.  You have to be able to block for the offense to have success and on too many occassions the line failed to produce.  This has to be a major focus this offseason...establishing consistency on the line.  If the Chiefs can do that, their offense can really take it to another level in 2018.


Welch - Darrelle Revis. Look, I understand Revis was a late add, and I might be a little too "glass half-full" when it comes to expectations for players like Revis, but what the hell was this!?!?!?


I know Darrelle Revis helped this defense down the stretch of the regular season, and at times, was very strong for this team. BUT, to quit on the final relevant play of the season is inexcusable. Revis Island has become Revis Hump.

Kling - I hesistate to call someone out for injury, but in a make or break year my pick is Dee Ford.  He played in just six games this year before going out with a bad back.   Now he's put the Chiefs is a bad spot, he's owed $8.7+ million next year and we don't know if he's worth it or not.  His contract is only guaranteed for injury, which kicks in in March.  He needs to be healthy one way or another either to be worth it for the Chiefs, or to avoid having to pay a guy with a bad back.   

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