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Biggest Surprise Royal

The Skipper Has His Pick, So Does Fescoe in the Morning

Fescoe In The Morning
February 06, 2018 - 11:21 am

Spring Training is about to get underway and Fescoe in the Morning looks at who their biggest surprise will be in 2018.   During the guys interview with Royals Manager Ned Yost, Yost mentioned Jorge Soler as his pick.  (12:30 mark)

01/22 - Ned Yost Interview

Who is yours?

Fescoe- Soler is a good bet by Ned but I am going off the grid with this one and saying Danny Duffy.  Danny has been really good for the Royals but I see a season where he turns the corner and becomes a legit ace.  He will be the leader of a younger staff this season and every 5th day he will flat out deal.  Duffy told us earlier in the off season that the surgery has made him 100% healthy going into the 2018 season and I am very excited to see how he performs without having to worry about something on his body bothering him.  I also feel like Duffy wants to show KC that he can be one of the best and his drive to have success in Kansas City makes me really believe that he can be something special in 2018.

Hope we see a TON of knee benders like that this year!

Kling - Maybe I'm talking myself into this.  And I'm so rooting for this to happen.   I'm going with Alex Gordon! 

The 2017 home run king .. well what do you call it?  The guy who hit the major league record breaking HR can't be as bad has he's been offensively the last two years.  Imagine if he gets back to his career average numbers?   I'm wishing for a bounceback.  Pressure is off, relax, breathe and BE ALEX GORDON.  I'll go ahead and say .260-16-65 and still playing defensa!

Welch - Cheslor Cuthbert

At just 25 years old, there's a lot left in baseball for Cheslor Cuthbert. In 2016, when Mike Moustakas went down for the season, Cuthbert stepped in at 3B, and did so admirably. In 128 games, Cuthbert hit .274, 12 HR, 46 RBI

After dealing with a left wrist injury last season, Cuthbert looks primed to break out in 2018. 

We've seen the flashes, we've seen the talent, and now it's time to see 'Cutty' put it all together.

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