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Biggest Royals ????

Hoz Is Gone, So What's Left Unanswered?

Fescoe In The Morning
February 20, 2018 - 10:45 am

One big question of this offseason for the Royals has been answered as 1b Eric Hosmer signs in San Diego, so what unanswered questions are left?  Fescoe in the Morning looks at their biggest questions for the 2018 Royals.

Welch - Rotation. There's a lot of "I hope" guys in the Royals rotation. I hope Danny Duffy bounces back after getting surgery in the offseason. I hope Ian Kennedy can return to being the guy the Royals gave a bunch of money to. I hope Nasty Nate Karns can develop into a big-time starter that he has shown he has the talent to become. I hope Jake Junis can build on what he was able to accomplish last season. There is a lot of hope there, but hope is a question mark and the entire Royals rotation fits in that question mark category.

Fescoe - This is a tough question for me to answer because I am still very optimistic when it comes to the Royals.  I feel like I believe a little bit more than everyone else in this club.  Maybe I get burned at the end but going into spring training my biggest fear if you will, is blowing games.  I think the starting pitching will be fine.  I think the offense will score some runs.  I know Dayton has been GREAT at building a bullpen but this year there are a TON of unknowns.  I've seen first hand, Royals teams blow games late and how devastating that is to the entire club. So in a long winded approach, to me the bullpen is the biggest question.  We know Kelvin Herrera will be the closer but we don't know much more after that.  Hopefully guys emerge this spring so we can get a different generation of greatness out of the bullpen.

Kling - I think for me the biggest question is who will be driving in runs?   3-4 in the mythical lineup appears to be Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez.

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I love these guys, forever Royals (hopefully in Salvy's case) -- but Perez may have had his career HR year last season with 27 and 80 RBI and counting on a major run producing Gordon ever again is probably not a great idea, he's not had better than 50 RBI since 2014.   So who is going to drive in runs?

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