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A-Z For This Year's Chiefs

Fescoe in the Morning with the ABCs of the 2018 Chiefs

Fescoe In The Morning
September 03, 2018 - 7:56 pm

Training camp is over, the regular season starts on Sunday.  Fescoe in the Morning gives you the primer on the 2018 Chiefs from A-Z.

A- A is for Andy.  This is 100% his team.  Lets see how it plays out.

B- B is for Breakout season for Tyreek Hill.  There are still that wonder what exactly he is.  This year no one will wonder.  He will be a top 5 receiver.

C- C is for Change.  Especially on the defense.  Change isn't always bad and it isn't always good.  But major change happened on defense and we will see if they were the right changes

D- D is for defense.  They will be under the microscope from the first play of the season to the last.  The success of this team relies on the defense.  We will get such headaches examining every single play

E- E is for excitement.  I can't remember a team having more excitement at arrowhead like this one.  Mahomes makes the excitement real.

F- F is for fun.  Even if this team falls short and misses the post season, every game is going to be fun with Mahomes and the offense.

G- G is for no longer being the Griefs.

H- H is for Hunt.  Both Kareem and Clark.  Kareem will set the table for the offense and Clark set the table for the defense by trading Peters.  Both have major finger prints on this team.

I - I is for interceptions - Chiefs had 16 last year, Marcus Peters had 5 of them, Terrance Mitchell had 4. Neither are with the team. Who is going to step up here?

J - J is for jump to conclusions - Whatever happens over the first 6 games, which is a really tough stretch, I'm not gonna get too high or too low on this team.


K - K is for keeping it real - Fans are going to have to be forgiving on both sides of the ball this year.

L - L is for long ball - Expect to see a lot of them this season.  (yeah you can watch it again!)

M - M is for moving on - It's going to be a different feel without Alex behind the wheel. Defense will look A LOT different.

N - N is for never stop scoring - I don't think this team can put up enough points for a "Safe Lead"

O - O is for offensive line -  They start out the season with 10 OL... Alex Smith was sacked the 6th most last season, can that improve?

P - P is for pass defense - Chiefs are gonna live & die by this unit this season.

Q- Q is for quick starts -- the best way to help out this defense is to put up points early, there should be great fear of playing from deficits.

R - R is for Reggie Ragland -- filling 56s shoes aint easy, had a decent audition last year, but now it's fully his.

S - S is for safeties -- at least to start the year, who knows?  No Sorenson, maybe no Berry, Ron Parker brought back out of nowhere.

T - T is forTEs -- only two on the roster week 1.  Travis Kelce and Alex Ellis.  Demetrius Harris back week 2.  Still would like to see more behind Kelce.

U - U is for underrated -- may be the WRs as a group.  There's some real depth behind Hill and Watkins.

V - V is for victories --- O/U is at 8.5.  Seems like a perfect number.

W- W is for Ws --- There are 9 on the roster.  Most of any letter.  3 Williams' made it through (sorry Kerwynn).

X- X is for X factors -- special teams.  Questions on D, unproven QB, could be good to lean on special teams -- K, P, return game all very good, huge plus.

Y - Y is for Y not the Chiefs? -- Sure there are plenty of questions, but the AFC West should run through KC, the back to back champs.

Z - Z is for no more Zombo -- now you have to move on without your security blanket, he's filled in every time you've asked him to.


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