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2018 KC Sports New Years Resolutions

Fescoe, Kling, and Welch have resolutions for KC sports

Fescoe In The Morning
January 03, 2018 - 5:00 am

Fescoe - The Royals need to pick a plan and stick with it for the long run.  No matter what side they choose, they need to be all in.  Part of me wants to keep the band together but I know for the long term success of the organization they need to look to rebuild.  3 years of being average will be great when we turn it into a decade of being awesome.  All teams have to go thru something like this and now may be the time for the Royals.  We are also in a new phase of baseball where teams are building more and more with the draft, farm system and international scouting.  If the Royals can get the farm system back to where it was in the first part of this decade they can establish a nice team and be consistently good much like this version was in 2014 and 2015


Welch - KU and MU need to play every season. We got a taste of it in an exhibition game at Sprint Center, and I need more. Players come and go, teams go up and down, but true rivalries are forever. Nobody in that arena treated that Jayhawks-Tigers matchup like an exhibition. It was pure intensity from wire-to-wire, in the stands and on the court. Bill Self needs to stop being stubborn and give this rivalry back to us. This isn't just about MU, or KU, or Kansas City, when Kansas and Missouri play each other, it's good for college basketball.

Check out what Bill Self says at the 0:22 mark of the video above. "We're playing Missouri, so that means an awful lot to our fan base, and it means an awful lot to our guys." Bill, that hasn't changed. Don't let sour grapes take away what is one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. Play Missouri every season.

Kling - The Chiefs need to "play like they care" (in Fescoe voice).   And not just on the field, but off.  The Chiefs franchise needs to win back the city.  We've lived far too long on faith and hope in KC.   Now we are seeing the playoff ticket push this season fall flat.   It's time for this franchise to validate all of the jerseys bought, season ticket packages grudgingly renewed and the four hours of game time fans have invested in watching their team every week and really be a contender again.   I'm not confident that it's going to be this postseason, but the #15 era is about to begin.    Resolute to be a true contender.   Show the city you want to win a SB, not just hope to.


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