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We Asked the Staff: “Who would you take #1 overall in Fantasy?”

We’re officially in Fantasy Football Mode as preseason games have started and we start to prepare for our countdown to Chiefs v Patriots to kick off Week 1! To make sure we’re covered, be sure to also mark your calendars for Sunday, August 20th for two very specific reasons.

Fantasy Football Sunday on 610 Sports Radio will officially debut for 2017 starting at 9am. This year we’ll have three shows leading up to Week 1 to have you completely prepared for everything that comes your way in your draft.

The 4th Annual Fantasy Football Training Camp also takes place at the brand new Johnson County Heritage Center. It’s an event you CANNOT miss if you want to do well in fantasy this year, so I highly encourage you to check out all the details here.

The number one question that constantly comes my way: “Who should I take number one overall?” I had my perspective, but I wanted to also get a sense of what other takes were being formed so I polled my 610 colleagues to see what they had to say. I also wanted to see if more people were on the Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill bandwagon for which Chiefs offensive playmaker will be the better fantasy option in 2017. Below are the two questions I asked:

  1. If you had the #1 pick in fantasy football draft this year, who would you take and why?
  2. Who do you think will be the top Chiefs fantasy player this year?


  1. Le’Veon Bell. I was torn on him and Zeke Elliott for much of the summer (I worry about David Johnson struggling with Arizona's core offense getting another year older) but I decided on Bell because he’s the straw that stirs the Steelers drink. He also was 4th in the NFL in YPC over his backup, DeAngelo Williams who’s no longer there. Knowing it’s a contract year and don’t want to overpay the following season, I could see them riding Bell heavy both in the run and in the passing game.
  2. Travis Kelce. As encouraged as I am with Tyreek Hill’s second-year development, Kelce brings a near remarkable level of high production. This is despite his quarterback’s remarkable ability to be average. He’s the second best TE in the league behind Gronk and while I expect Hill to make the bigger plays, Smith will still spread around to his smorgasbord of non-useful receivers and Kelce will be the consistent difference maker.


  1. Le'Veon Bell - the Steelers were a much better overall team last season when they leaned heavy on Bell. As long as he plays all 16 games he's easily going to lead the league in all purpose yards.
  2. Tyreek Hill - Kelce is still the top dog but the TD's just aren't there and I don't see that changing as long as Alex isn't willing to throw it up in the end zone and let him do his thing. Tyreek has value across the board especially in leagues like mine where you get return points. At the very least he's one of the best flex plays in the league every week.


  1. David Johnson. It's the return of the RB, baby!!! I've been gravitating towards WR the last couple of years, but too much of the WR's numbers are dependent on the QB. If you draft Antonio Brown and Big Ben gets hurt, you're in big trouble. This has turned me off from this philosophy. Johnson over Bell because the Cardinals' offense is much more reliant on Johnson.
  2. Tyreek Hill. This season, Hill will solidify himself as a fantasy superstar and be a clear 1st round pick in 2018. Playmakers like Hill don't come around very often, and even though defenses will scheme against him this year, he's too special to not put up monster numbers.


  1. I would take Thom Brady, QB from Michigan.  He has shown that he "has what it takes" to lead a team
  2. The Chiefs top fantasy player this year will be Travis Kelce.  He is going to be the #1 target of QB15 and as long as he's on the field he will be the first second and third option.  I go with Kelce.  Thank you. (Oh no Fescoe... Thank you).


  1. Whoever Charch says to take (ask him at the 610 Sports Radio Fantasy Football Training Camp on 8/20)
  2. Travis Kelce, want 1000 yards 10 TDs out of the big fella


  1. Odell Beckham Jr. Highest upside, contract year and he’s just awesome to have on your team
  2. Travis Kelce. Not sure there is any debate there.


  1. David Johnson was a beast in our Day Shift fantasy football game last year and hard not to take him in Bruce Arians offense.
  2. Tyreek Hill----production even goes up after becoming the #1 Wide Receiver -- #2 Travis Kelce--going to be more of an effort to get him red zone targets this year.


  1. I will go with Aaron Rodgers, being a little different. Last year he threw for 4,428 yards, 40 touchdowns, and he even ran for 4 touchdowns.  Plus, the Packers defense isn't the greatest, they are just okay. Which gives means that he will have to put more points on the board.
  2. I think that the best Chiefs fantasy player will be Travis Kelce. He poses the biggest mismatch of any Chiefs offensive player and Tyreek Hill's emergence will give Kelce more room to roam.


  1. I'd take David Johnson. He accounted for 20 of Arizona's 48 TDs last season. No player is more involved in their team's offense. Johnson is a guaranteed stud each week.
  2. Tyreek Hill will be the Chiefs most productive fantasy weapon. Not only can he impact the game both rushing and receiving, if you're in a league that rewards punt return yardage he can be an instant game changer.


  1. I think Le’Veon Bell is the right answer. Ezekiel Elliott gets surprised and David Johnson isn't the known commodity that Bell is.
  2. Travis Kelce. #1 passing option at a position that's harder to find.


  1. Antonio Brown.  It's a passing league and he can score a multitude of ways.
  2. Travis Kelce.  Biggest mismatch on the field. Other than Gronk.


  1. Odell Beckham: The Giants will throw it a ton, no one really totake production from him.  Even in redzone, no great running back either to take production from him.
  2. Travis Kelce: Top target, Alex loves his tight end and will probably be a bigger focus in the redzone


  1. I would take Le'Veon Bell. Did you see what he did against the Chiefs? Nuff said. Plus, I plan on naming my 1st born son Le'veon. Le'veon Levine.
  2. Travis Kelce should be the 1st chief off the board. Compared to other TEs he is clearly top 2, if not 1. While I think Tyreek Hill goes pretty high, he's at best the 20th best FF WR heading into the season. However, I expect similar stats from both (85 rec, 1,100 yards, 9 TD).


  1. I'd take Le’Veon Bell
  2. Top Chiefs pick will be Travis Kelce


  1. I'm taking David Johnson. Why, he's a catch and run threat that can score anytime he has the ball. I've also passed on him two years in a row.
  2. This one is tough. I would say Kelce with his history but I believe everyone will try and sneak Ty Hill early in rounds 3 or 4 before a TE is taken.


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