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Benny Heis in Coming to America 2?

Arsenio Hall May Have Extended an Invite

The Drive
August 25, 2017 - 5:38 pm

Comedian & actor Arsenio Hall joined "The Drive" with Brad Fanning & Ben Heisler (with CDot on vacation) Friday ahead of his stand-up appearances this weekend at Argosy Casino. With the huge fight this weekend between Floyd Mayweather & Connor McGregor, the guys got to talking about the fight and it transitioned into the iconic boxing discussion in Coming to America with all the different characters debating between Rocky Marciano & Joe Louis. 

Midway through the segment, Arsenio brought back one of his legendary characters, Morris the barber and reenacted the scene with our own Benny Heis as "Saul," the old customer at the barber shop and it might have gotten him a chance to star in the new Coming to America sequel! Listen and enjoy!

Listen to Arsenio Hall on The Drive HERE


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