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Baseball's Biggest Secrets Revealed!

Fanning's Official "Unwritten Rules" of Baseball

The Drive
May 31, 2017 - 11:20 am

Baseball has always been a game that polices itself. When umpires tend to get involved, both players and managers tend to call-out the men in blue for disrupting the flow and "unwritten rules" of the game. And everyone, including those outside of baseball have an opinion on it.

But the question still remains, what exactly are the unwritten rules of baseball? And can they ever fully be enforced?

As Monday's fight between Nationals star Bryce Harper & Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland became a national story, Carrington Harrison & Brad Fanning of "The Drive" began to wonder what exactly these unwritten rules are and if they've ever actually been written down. And for the first time in our memory, Brad Fanning finally revealed the list and you can hear their conversation below to baseball's unwritten rules finally being released.

Drive 0530 - Fanning reveals the unwritten rules of baseball.mp3

The guys also further discussed this story with Jeff Passan, the national baseball writer for Yahoo! Sports. Also, many of the stars biggest names have weighed in on the fight.

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