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Cody's Corner: Whit's streak hits 29 and Zimmer sent to AAA

Royals pummeled 13-5

Cody Tapp
April 08, 2019 - 10:32 pm

Cody’s Corner

Royals 5 

Mariners 13 

The Royals were off to a good start tonight after getting to the Mariners for 4 runs in the first three innings, but things started to fall apart in the 5th. Bailey got in trouble after a pair of lead off hits, and nearly escaped unscatehd but a two out single on a pitch left over the plate tied it up. Things got worse in the 6th when Bailey let up his 3rd solo HR of the game and a pair of hits behind it. Tim Hill got the first batter, but then hit the next, and allowed a single to the third. 

McCarthy let up a pair of hits right after, and it was quickly 9-4 Mariners. That is the 6th time this season they have scored 9+ so the Royals werent alone in allowing the Mariners to circle the bases. Another HR by Encarnacion made it 12-4 and it had fully unraveled. The Mariners have now hit 32 HRs already this season which is


Here was the update as of the 6th

There isnt anyway to sugar coat the way the bullpen has performed and the Royals know that. They already made one change today in the bullpen but will there be more coming? 



The good news is that the wHit streak continues. 

Whit Merrifield is now just one game shy of the franchise record after recording his 1stinning single. The 29 game streak dates back to last year, but that doesn’t bother Whit. He said today that he thinks it is even harder to carry it into another season. 


“It isn’t easy to take 5 months off,” Whit said earlier today.

If you want to here everything Whit had to say on the streak you can find it here.



Look at the rare company Whit currently sits in…



Whit continues to do all of this with a chip on his shoulder, which is something I have always loved about him. Sure this is a bit of editorializing, but if not now than when? He knows what a hit streak like this means, but he has always had a prove it attitude.

He also told us he hadn’t realized until later in the offseason abot his 20 game streak to end the year. He was so focused on being the hit and stolen base champion, that it fell between the cracks. 


The other news for the day was about Kyle Zimmer. He was optioned back to AAA to try and find his command, which has been off so far in the regular season. 

Here is what Ned had to say about the move.



I don’t think I would have gone that direction but the Royals have limited options of who to send down in their bullpen. Barlow likely needed to be a long man in this series and will pitch on Wednesday in the very least according to Ned. 


Hill and McCarthy both performed well in the bigs for KC last season and have played the up and down game for KC as well. This might just be a case of “your turn” when it comes to Zimmer, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some work to do. 


The good news for Kyle is that it could be a short trip. Ned made it sound like he could get a call up sooner rather than later, but we will see. 


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