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Cody's Corner: Perez talks about his surgery and the roster takes shape


Cody Tapp
March 20, 2019 - 11:55 pm

Cody’s Corner:


The Royals were at Salt River Fields once again this spring to take on the Rockies, and had another comeback here in Arizona. 



Royals: 8

Rockies: 7 

Lopez was really fighting it tonight. He walked three and allowed a hit in the first and was lucky only one run scored. He was chased out after just two inning and 69 pitches. He allowed six runs, five of which were earned. He said fastball command was the culprit. 

Frank "The Tank"got in the action in the bottom of the first as well with his second HR, an absolute lazer to CF

Also Dozier put a ball into orbit on a 452 foot bomb!


Before the game manager Ned Yost remained quiet on how he sees the roster shaking out, as he doesn’t want to tip his hand before he has to. He did however gives us some clues on what we can expect. 

He said that currently they are leaning towards keeping 12 pitchers early in the season even though Ned has almost always kept 13 to start the year. There are several off days early which could be playing a factor. If you couple that with the fact Danny Duffy won’t likely ready for a few weeks, and you can see how Ned gets there. 


They can carry four starters for now and still have the 8 bullpen arms Ned likes and then make a decision a few weeks down the road on whether or not he wants an extra bench spot or the extra pitcher moving forward. 


That extra bench spot would have some good competition. It would likely be between Frank Schwindel, Humberto Arteaga, Erick Mejia, and Cheslor Cuthbert. The other guys like Phillips, Lopez, and Bonifacio have already been optioned, and I think they will start at AAA. 


Schwindel makes a lot of sense with both Goodwin and O’Hearn being question marks against left handed pitching. It doesn’t mean they won’t get left in for some of those spots but Soler can go to RF against a lefty and Frank can sit in on 1B to take advantage of a lefty starter. 


Arteaga has been the hottest in spring, hitting .486 coming in to the day. He is a versatile player, but they are pretty covered there with both Whit and Owings on the roster. His bat has been impressive so far, but his longer history would suggest this is a blip. I do understand his appeal right now with how well he has hit. 


Mejia is really liked in the organization and I expect we will expect his named called soon. Dayton Moore told me that they have been really impressed with him since acquiring him in a trade last season. He even went as far to say that he has well exceeded their expectations. 


Cuthbert is having a nice spring himself and the Royals are comfortable in what type of player they are getting with him. They continue to work him at 1st, so like Frank, he could step in at that position if they wanted to give O’Hearn a day off against the lefties. Cheslor hasn’t showed much power this spring but has slashed .350/.381/.400. 


We also had a chance to catch up with Salvy on his recovery and trying to get use to the idea of sitting out baseball for longer than he has ever had to. 


I do hope the time off gives his legs a rest, or even gives him a fresh perspective in the game. I know it is hard for him now ,but it is nice that others hope the break might come with some positives. Dayton Moore had told us that he hoped Salvador would get to enjoy more family time with the extra he would have. 


I did really appreciate two moments in that video. The first one really speaks to who Perez is. I asked if getting this time off could be a positive and he essentially answered now for now. He knows others have told him that, but he wants to play baseball, and misses it already. It is fun to see a player love baseball the way her does. 

The second one is saying that Maldonado "got lucky" when being asked if he talked to him about Martin being the only other Gold Glove winner in the last six years. He was clearly having fun with it but it was nice to see that side of him as always. 


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