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Cody's Corner: Fillmyer to AAA and Game Notes


Cody Tapp
March 23, 2019 - 6:08 pm

Royals saw some old friends today in Milwaukee with Cain, Moose, and Erik Kratz all in the lineup.


Royals: 2

Brewers: 4 


It was Brad Keller's final start before he goes on Thursday for Opening Day. It went a bit rocky for Brad Keller today when a couple of two out HRs made his outing a little short. 

He finsihed the day with...

4.2 IPs

7 Hits

4 ERs

2 Ks

2 HRs

The HRs were hit by Yelich and Shaw, so no shame there but it was his final tune up before his start on Thursday.


Dozier hit another HR in the game, and is showing some nice power to finish up spring. Hopefully that will carry over for him when the season starts. 

Duda also went deep today on a loooong HR as he tries to make the Royals roster. 


Also the Royals optioned Fillmyer to AAA today. That doesn't mean that you won't see Fillmyer early this season. He could come up in early April if the Royals were to need him but they won't need a 5th starter for a few weeks and they are still waiting to see how Danny Duffy responds from his injury. 

He could be a nice fit as a long guy in the pen who could bounce over to the rotation if there is need, but Scott Barlow could also fill that need. He has been sharp all spring, and looked his best all this week when he took on a majority of the starters in the Rockies lineup. 

Fillmyer has been up and down this spring but the Royals have been happy with the way he has looked. Ned said it could be short lived for Fillmyer. He said that they might need him in the 5th spot in a few weeks and he could get the quick callup then. 

The Royals also announced that Jorge Lopez will stay down with others to get a start in before he joins the squad in KC. No it doesn't mean he won't be on the 25 man. They will just leave him back here in Surprise to get a start so he can stay on schedule for his big league starts. It is the much better option than sitting him for 10 days to just throw a bullpen or side session in KC. They said yesterday they have the same plan for Homer Bailey. The extra early off days means more time to manipulate the roster.  

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