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Cody's Corner: Players with Something to Prove

PLUS: Video of Gordon and Junis

Cody Tapp
February 19, 2019 - 11:48 pm

Cody’ Corner


The Royals have a lot of questions this season as we have previously chatted about and I think a lot of what this year will bring is centered around redemption.


Who can adjust to things that caused them problems or who can recover from either one season or more of struggles.


Ian Kennedy to the bullpen is still an option but as a rotation the Royals could still use young players to continue to shine. Jacob Junis burst on to the scene two years ago but had a sophomore regression last year. Even he knows that the league adjusting to him had an impact


Junis is young and there is plenty of time to discover what type of pitcher he is. It isn’t always young players that need that boost.


Alex Gordon has been in this organization a long time and has some amazing moments.  Dayton did say today that they haven’t ask what his plans after this season are but he still has a lot to prove at the end of his deal.


I know it wasn’t perfect but Gordon was better last year as a whole and was better in the second half.


Gordon also has continued to try and find ways to stay healthy and changing his workout plan is a big part of that


I still think Gordon has a productive season left but with the number of outfielders that have available that can also be careful with matching him up with righties. He did hit 50 points better against right hand pitching and had a more than 40 point better OBP.


I think Soler and several others land in this category too but we have all spring training to keep scratching this itch.


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