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Cody's Corner: Maldonado and Dayton talk about his deal becoming official


Cody Tapp
March 11, 2019 - 6:19 pm

Cody’s Corner


“The deal did not change because it simply could not change”


This is what Dayton had to say about after the deal for Martin Maldonado was made official. This  comment that could be taken as a shot towards Maldonado’s previous agent, Scott Boras, but I think it is a comment on where the deal was.

The Royals had a number they were willing to spend on him and that was the number and sounds like they got their guy for the price they wanted


If you didn’t know the back story there, Maldonado had changed agents during the negotiations with the Royals maybe over a difference of opinion of what deal was worth signing. There were reports earlier in spring that Martin had turned down a 2 year 12 million dollar deal and the advice of Boras.


Here are the full comments from Dayton Moore on the signing of Maldonado. He loves his defense and ability with the pitching staff


I do really like what he can so with the staff and his ability to pitch frame and call a game will be great for the Royals. It is not to say that Salvy wasn’t a great defensive catcher but Maldonado has a different style to it.


The good news is for the Royals is they got a bargain on a Gold Glove winning catcher who should be able to work really well with this young pitching staff.


Maldonado says he has been staying in shape and thinks he can get ready for Opening Day. No word on how long the Royals think that will take as he has just arrived in camp but Maldonado said the Royals reached out early and that the Perez injury certainly made KC a possibility

It will be a race to get him ready but the Royals will have Gallagher and Viloria at the ready if it takes him longer than the 2.5 weeks the Royals have to get him established into the team.

Dayton wouldnt rule out the possibility of Viloria in the big leagues this year either. He said as the season progresses his bat could force their hand because of how hard it will be to replace Perez's bat in the middle of the order. Honestly they can't replace but every little bit of added offense will certainly help their cause.

I think the addiiton is a good one and the slow moving market this offseason in baseball made this deal dirt cheap for the Royals. Sure it wasnt a deal they would have had to make if Perez had stayed healthy but the fact he was available when the injury occured is helpful.


One extra note from today. The Royals optioned both Josh Staumont and Conner Greene to AAA Omaha.

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