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Cody's Corner: The Bullpen Implodes Again


Cody Tapp
April 06, 2019 - 2:57 pm

Cody’s Corner




Royals: 4 

Tigers: 7


Royals had the lead late but the results were the same. The bullpen imploded again after a tought start for McCarthy lead to an even tougher outing for Peralta who ended up letting up a grand slam in the five run 7th for the Tigers.

This doesn't count the 8th inning for the Royals bullpen, but I think you get the idea. It feels like watching the same game every day in the early going. Royals take a lead or a tie game into the 7th, and the bullpen goes beyond strugglng to finsih with a Royals loss. 


I do think Ynoa ot Lovelady will become real options for the Royals soon but they don't tend to overreact quickly so it might be awhile before they are willing to make a move like that. You have to try anything different on order or placement at the rate it is going, but with everyone struggling you do have to go with a "everyone keeps getting a shot" mentality. 

Jorge Lopez had a quick first inning, but a run scored on a 32 pitch second. Tiger were starting to see him a little better the more they got a chance to see him. He pitched like you should expect a guy with now 11 career starts under his belt. Inconsistent at times, and at times shows so good flashes. He finished with only allowing 1 ER over 6 innings with 3 Ks. I didn’t think he had his best stuff either. 


The Tiger starter, Matt Moore, only allowed one hit in three innings of work, but had to leave early after straining his knee fielding a bunt single from Billy Hamilton. Norris came in behind him and pitched well. He did let up a HR to Whit in the 6ththat extended his hitting streak to 27 games. That makes him tied with Jose Offerman for the 2ndlongest in Royals history. He will have to get to 30 to catch up with the club record set by George Brett. 


He came back out for the 7th and let up a HR to Soler that made it 2-2 at the time. 


Then Dozier really crushed one!


Outside of this game a few things should have you feeling good about KC, and a few that should have you very concerned. 


The good news is that the parts of the lineup this team will be counting on moving forward and shown a lot early on in the season. Mondesi, Whit, and Soler have all been as advertised. Gordon doesn’t land in the future group but he has had a fine start to the season, and if he plays well this year might look to extend his career a little longer. 

Mondesi has continued to mash the ball. In his very short career, he has 18 HRs, and 14 of them have gone over 400 feet. Look how hard he has been hitting it this season...



I am also ready to start seeing O’Hearn everyday. This isn’t a knock on Schwindel who I think will have a place especially if Soler can be ok in right. O’Hearn has hit well to start the season, and the Royals need to learn about their options as this year goes on. Frank might be short for the bigs anyway. They will have to make a move on the 25 man roster once the 5thstarter spot comes up on the 10th. Fillmyer would get the bump, and while they could send Barlow down, I think they will lean towards sending down Frank. 


The Royals rotation has shown some promise and sometimes it is good to remind people how young parts of it is. Keller made his debut last year, and has 19 career starts. Jorge Lopez made his 11thcareer start this season. 


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