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Cody's Corner: Lopez and Zimmer shine again


Cody Tapp
March 15, 2019 - 6:21 pm

Cody’s Corner

Rockies: 2

Royals: 1

The Royals were back at Salt River Fields taking on the Rockies at the Royals got another look at potential starter Jorge Lopez

Coming in to today he was pitching incredibly well with a 1.93 ERA and has probably looked the most comfortable on the staff to this point. He continued that today and only allowed a single run over five innings and said some close pitches were responsible for some of his walks. Said his pitches felts great today

Also Kyle Zimmer is still tossing zeroes. He was pumping it in at 96 MPH today and still boasts a 0.00 ERA with 7 strikeouts allowing 5 hits over 8.2 innings. He has been as close to perfect as you get for spring training.


Before the game started I did get a chance to catch up with Whit Merrifield on some of the rule changes coming to baseball in 2020

The standout thing was about the 26 man roster and how that could have impacted his career personally but here is the entire exchange.




I agree with Whit for what it is worth. His skill had proven he was deserving of a spot but the roster numbers are always tight and he seemed to be the odd man odd a few times. (even when I thought he shouldn’t have been)


Getting snubbed a couple of times has fueled him though

Sam Mellinger said it well


The chip always has been and always will be a good thing for Whit. It has what has helped him get to where he is. I know someone take this as a negative sometimes to be self-assured but it is honestly who Whit is and I think that is a good thing.

As far as where Whit will land in the lineup we got that answer from Ned today although he always gives himself some wiggle room.


Ned said it felt more natural with Whit hitting first and Mondesi hitting second, with Gordon coming in to hit behind them in the third spot. I know someone is going to ask why Gordon is hitting third but the absence of Salvy and the way Gordon performed in a limited sample last year has the Royals convinced this is the best way to go to start the season.

I don't see a way better option at this point either and with the guys they are trying to find out about like Dozier, O'Hearn, and others I think it is best not to put them in that spot yet. He is an experienced hitter who should get a shot there for now.

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