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Cody's Corner: Games are Near


Cody Tapp
February 20, 2019 - 3:21 pm

Cody’s Corner: Games on the Horizon


The Royals are only a few days away from playing a real life game and we have a little clarity on what we cab expect this weekend and what to expect in the early going for the season


Ned did say, in a meeting with beat writers, that Duffy Keller and Junis would be the three pitchers in the running for opening day starter. I think those are the only logical three with Duffy being the lead candidate as the comfortable veteran to try and start things off smoothly.


We also learned who will start this off this weekend even if it came with some sarcasm from Ned.


Danny Duffy didn’t seem concerned it if was him or not that got the opening day nod and instead continued to tell us he is just trying to continue to improve from last year while feeling healthy again.


He did say we can expect a resurgence of the curveball perhaps this season as he think it needs to make a comeback to continue to help make his effective.


The Royals will have to make up their minds somewhat quickly in spring so that everyone who will break camp will get the work they need. They have so many arms with a shot to make the bigs making sure everyone gets the work and they get a good enough look will be vital early.


I know we have talked about Zimmer before as an option and he remains one but he is trying to do what he can to stay comfortable and say healthy. His past struggles were so bad he said today that while he was throwing, he was mostly hoping his arm would go “numb”.


I did have a really good conversation with JJ Picollo today as well and I will be playing it tomorrow on the Hot Stove Show. The system has a lot of talent and there is a chance we get to see a lot of fresh faces this year in the bigs.


The second half last year is a great example of how much energy and better play came with the group of young players and I will continue to keep you up to date on those players throughout Spring Training as well.


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