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Cody's Corner: Split Squad and a Duffy injury


Cody Tapp
February 26, 2019 - 5:27 pm

Cody’ Corner


Royals were part of spilt squad today playing the Dodgers at Surprise Stadium and they also played the White Sox on the road.


At home they won 8-2 after the 7 run 8th inning.

They fell in the other game 9-7. Pitching was rough there but almost made the comeback after being down 8-2. Here the box score of that one,game_tab=box,game=567249



Ian Kennedy went two scoreless even with some trouble in the first. He allowed a walk and an error had two on with nobody out so working out of a little jam was a nice start.


In the game in Surprise the Royals offense started slow with 5 strikeouts in their first 6 at bats including 3 where they were caught looking.


Also got a look at some of the young guys with spilt squads leaving some minor league players behind. Both Nick Pratto and Khalil Lee got into the game.


Also today we learned that Danny Duffy was experiencing some shoulder tightness and the Royals are planning on taking it slow with him.


While I know it is common to jump to the common knowledge that Duffy has experiences injury issues the last few seasons, in talking to him I honestly think it is too early to take that leap. He says it is normal “spring stuff” and said the plan is to throw around later this week and see how it felt.


You can listen to Danny describe it here


The comparison to Shields is a good one and as Danny has gotten older he knows that he has to take it easy sometimes and as much as he wants to pitch through it, it is best sometimes to listen to what the team is advising.


The other news today is that Trevor Oaks might be looking at hip surgery but is waiting until getting a second opinion before making that decision. If he were to have surgery that would put him on the 60 Day DL and open up a 40 man spot for someone. The Royals had some movement in the 40 man this year but have a lot of candidates for that spot if Oaks decides to go ahead with the surgery.


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