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Cody's Corner: Full Squad is finally here

PLUS: Video of Mondesi, Keller, and Dozier

Cody Tapp
February 18, 2019 - 2:02 pm

Full squad report day which means all hands on deck. Everyone got a little work on the field today as the Royals begin the early stages of deciding pieces of their roster. A lot of position players are known but are also being asked that they can either play at the big league level or continue to build on the success they have already shown

Hunter Dozier will likely start at 3B to start the season and is trying to make sure he doesn't start off slow

Brad Keller was the Royals best starter last season but many pitchers go through a sophmore slump. Keller has been watching video, studying, and working on offseason pitches to try and make sure he stays on top of his game

Another guy trying to build on last season is Adalberto Mondesi. With potential that has almost no ceiling, Mondesi has proven he has 30 HR power coupled with 50 SB speed. He is the most talented on the team and has a chance to take a big leap forward again this year. All of that hasn't gotten to him as he is just trying to improve in all areas

I cannot wait to see what he has this season and his potential should have you glowing with the possibilites

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