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Cody's Corner: Mondesi continues to stand out, the Bullpen struggles and Homer Bailey makes debut


Cody Tapp
April 03, 2019 - 4:05 pm

Cody’s Corner 



Royals: 6

Twins: 7

Homer Bailey made his debut and looked ok doing it. He only pitched five innings and allowed three runs, but got eight strikeouts and controlled his action well. As a 4th/5th starter I think he played the role well, and kept KC in the game for their big moment in the 5th. 


The Royals scored five runs in the 5th all coming with two outs. 

A Gordon HR was the big one!

The bullpen though is a continued mess at the moment with the Royals struggling to find anyone who can get consistent outs

It has been a mess and likely cost them both game this series. Ned said it does feel like everyone is off at the same time together, and the number do support that. 



On a positive note, I know it was yesterday but I didn’t have a chance to write about it then so I will now. 

Modesi is incredible and he is must watch every at bat. 


People around baseball know it too…



Last night was a perfect example of the potential for him, and how far it can take him. He showed his contact, power, and speed all in one package, and stands out to everyone. 

He still strikes out a little more than you would like but with just one season of major league experience, I would expect that number to decrease over time. The potential is real and it is why the Royals will have to continue to look at possible extensions for him if this continues 


What the Royals need to start working on moving forward is getting a lineup that can compete top to bottom. Coming into the game Soler, Mondesi, and Soler were 8-12 with RISP and the rest of the lineup was 2-25. It has been a struggle to deepen a lineup the last few seasons and the absence of Salvy really puts a damper on that process. 


Mondesi is the type of hitter who will protect others, but if Soler can continue what he has started this season then Mondesi will continue to get a lot to hit. The league’s hit leader in Whit in front of him and a player with a game changing swing behind. 


It is going to be a lot of fun to watch. He hit a single double and an inside the park HR last night and lead off with a triple today. It has been a pleasure to see him play. 


One more quick note on Chris Ellis who was DFA’d today by KC. They did like his talent, I to keep a Rule 5 guy on the roster, you need both the time to let him develop, and the willingness to carry him on the roster the entire season. Royals like some other young options in the pen and will proceed that way instead.


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