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Cody's Corner: All Hail Pitchers and Catchers

PLUS: Video of Ned Yost and Frank Schwindel

Cody Tapp
February 15, 2019 - 1:54 pm

Cody’s Corner


Day Four: Show Respect to Pitchers and Catchers Day


First, and most importantly, Ned and I continue our burgeoning relationship as we continue to find out how much Ned will enjoy my company over the next six months. Today I asked about who would be behind O’hearn and first base and if Gordon would get time outside of left.

It is the buddy cop movie we all want


As far as what Ned said in response, everyone is behind O’hearn and Gordon is still a non-answer until position players report. See for yourself the actual response


I think Schwindel would be a nice option behind O’Hearn but the limited number of at bats they could get him makes it awfully tough to make that call. No one carries two first basemen and while Schwindel and continued to have success at every level it was O’hearn that got the call last year so it is his spot


Schwindel continues to stay motivated despite that


I think a perfect world would have enough roster spot to carry “Frank the Tank” but that isn’t the world we live in.


On the Gordon front I mostly was prodding looking for how the outfield will shake out. It is crowded with Gordon, Hamilton, Goodwin, Phillips, Gore, and Bonifacio. Only 5 of those will likely break camp and Gore being a late inning pinch runner could make the roster flexibility with Whit and Owings even more important


Last little side note is that despite how hard we try I am not sure we will get to see the race between Gore, Mondesi, and Hamilton we all desire but Whit says it isn’t how fast you run its if you steal the base and he knows he steal leads the clubhouse there.


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