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Cody's Corner: Maldonado comes to the Royals


Cody Tapp
March 09, 2019 - 5:53 pm

Cody’s Corner


Royals: 5

Diamonbacks: 13

Royals took on the Diamondbacks over in Scottsdale today but also made a move at catcher...probably. The move hasn't been announced by the club yet but is all but official.

It doesn't mean the Royals will hold onto him all year either. He was traded just last year for some nice value.

The Royals signed Martin Maldonado to a club friendly 2.5 million dollar deal with another 1.4 million that can be made with incentives.

Maldonado is the only catcher that kept Perez from winning six consecutive gold gloves and analytic assessment would suggest that he is a good catch framer who could help the pitching staff. I know this is a bit stat heady (and I need it explained to me sometimes) but he ranked highly in runs saved from pitch framing


Here it is simplified


The Royals internal evaluation is much higher on Perez and his offense is the thing that Maldonado will come no where close to replacing. I do not think those pitching numbers tell the entire story on Perez and obviously his gold gloves speak for themselves. He will also have to learn what the entire pitching staff likes and that will take some time to adjust so expect Cam Gallagher to still get his fair share of starts for the Royals as they try to get him ready for opening day.


He also changed agents this week although Boras (his old agent) is claiming a deal was already in place

As far as the other catchers go…


This probably means Viloria will get more seasoning time and the Royals could call him up if injury or other needs make that possible. I still think they will work Schwindel at catcher as a possible veteran guy sitting at AAA which Dayton Moore has told me is important to the organization. That doesn’t mean he won’t still be at 1st, it just means they will look at him a lot of places.


The Royals continue to search for versatility as Frank Schwindel got some time at 3B today. He told us before the game that the last time he had played it in a game was back in summer ball in college. With the Maldonado deal going through today there are less openings for Frank but he could be a third catching option if he found his way to the bigs.


He was a SS early in his high school days, which most of the best players are, and then was switched to being a full time catcher. He continued to catch until the move to 1B but if Frank is going to get a 40 man spot he will need to show the ability to play multiple positions.


His bat hasn’t disappointed early. He was 7 for 20 coming into the day f.or 462 OBP and a .550 slugging percentage. They are trying to find a way to use his bat but he continues to be blocked by other players.

Junis did get his first start of spring today as well. He went...


3 IPs

3 Hits

4 Ks

1 BB

Overall he looked sharp other than some trouble in the 4th. Good start to the spring for him. This was him afterwards.

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