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Cody's Corner: What the Diekman signing means to Lovelady and others

PLUS: Video of O'Hearn and Bailey

Cody Tapp
February 14, 2019 - 1:06 pm

Cody’s Corner


Spring Training Day Three:


Rain kept everything to bullpens and side sessions as the Royals got to look at the two new additions this week. Both Bailey and Diekman were around as the Royals look at several options in the pitching


Lets talk about Diekman today as the Royals added another bullpen piece to a crowded unit. He told us being close to home and his new baby were appealing but the possibility of a back end role was there too


The question that comes with his addition is who is the odd man out. Hill and Flynn are both lefties and Brian Flynn is out of options so he is either with the big lead club or open to land with another team


Hill underperformed last and still isn’t the lefty killer that some thought he could be. There is one name I have intentionally left out because I still think he has the better arm the other three we have already mentioned

Cody Tapp


That is Richard Lovelady. Diekman being a strong lefty is a good addition to a beleaguered bullpen last year but Lovelady looks prime and ready for the jump.

Cody Tapp


His ERA is just 2.02 in his entire minor league career and had proven at every level he can get guys out.


I want him to break camp but maybe the Royals are considering slow playing him into later in the year because I can promise they aren’t going to carry four lefties. That’s lunacy and my guess is that it will be two.


I would hope that Lovelady gets a good look this spring as the Royals, like a lot of teams, have a plethora of options this time of year.


Ryan O'Hearn

Homer Bailey

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