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Cody's Corner: Mondesi's Star Potential


Cody Tapp
February 21, 2019 - 12:32 pm

Cody's Corner

It was a rainout today so no real field work as the Royals get ready for their first game on Saturday. While I have enjoyed watching everyone practice I continue to have my eye drawn to the obvious.

I mean he has a nice swing

Adalberto Mondesi has all the potenial in the world and the Royals know it. Ned called him a "legit 5 tool player" and other teammates raved about how high his ceiling is. He is still modest at times and wouldnt even admit he was the fastest on the team, instead giving the nod to Terrance Gore.

I know the Royals and the organization are high on him but I wanted to see what others in the division think about his ceiling. At the MLB press day I had a chance to ask Indians Manager,Terry Francona, just how good Mondesi can be and how to handle a budding superstar. He went through this and still is with Francisco Lindor

Terry Francona on Mondesi's ability

Also White Sox manager Rick Renteria weighed on his potential and how the Royals will use speed to throw off pitching staffs

Rick Renteria on Adalberto Mondesi

It has been awhile since the Royals had a player with this much potential and honestly the first that comes to mind is Carlos Beltran. He has top 5 player in MLB level skills and it will be his chance to prove that is where his career is heading in 2019

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