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Cody's Corner: Mondesi has Star Potential and Game Reaction


Cody Tapp
March 06, 2019 - 5:04 pm

Cody’s Corner

Royals in Mesa to take on the Cubs today as Heath Fillmyer got his first start of spring.



Cubs: 4

Royals: 1

A few notes before we get into Schwindel at catcher the the rising stardom of Mondesi

1. Fillmyer made his debut and went 2 inning letting up 1 run. He looked pretty sharp and got a double play after an error

2. Ynoa was a mixed bad. Really good in his first inning but sloppy in his second. Loaded the bases with no one out but got back to back Ks to hold it to one run

3. Staumont also was clean and has only allowed one run in 5.1 innings of work. More importantly he has only walked one batter while striking out five.

4. Offense was a bit of a no show. Owings had a pair of hits and has been going well and Bubba was one for four but only seven hits total and just one run


Now for some other things that hit the docket today...

On the catching possibilites, Ned Yost did say today that he will get Frank Schwindel in a game at catcher as the Royals love his bat for the position.

Frank Schwindel is happy to do whatever the team wants. He hasnt caught in a game since 2015 but that hasnt stopped him from practicing it at Spring Training the last few years.

I also wanted to spend some time today talking about what Adalberto Mondesi can do for the Royals this season.

I know I have said before he possesses talents few do and I only get firmer in that belief everyday

The ceiling is the exciting part. Look at what the projections say he is at his 50th percentile this season


Stealing 50 bases and hitting 30 homeruns isn’t suppose to be possible for most players and yet he has the possibility to do that without even exceeding far beyond his possibilities.



He is still so young and looks like a player to me who figured out this level of baseball and is ripe to take off. Ned Yost thinks similarly.


If he is the player that Rafael Furcal was then he will have a really good career although Mondesi's power potential far outweighs what the produciton Furcal posted in his long career.

His limited sample size last year will still have some fears of completing an entire season but I think he has learned to play through some of those small injuries. The Royals will also have the choice for a half day off at the DH role as the Royals do not firmly have one guy for that role this season.


I do not think they will use him there much if at all but if his bat takes that kind of jump it might be too prohibitive to keep him out of the lineup.

He is clearly one of the most exciting players in baseball to watch and has already been that this spring.

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