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Cody's Corner: The debut of Kyle Zimmer and first weekend observations


Cody Tapp
March 31, 2019 - 6:13 pm

Cody’s Corner

First about the game and then a few observations. 


Lopez was really sharp early and lost command that lead to letting up 4 runs. The damage could have been limited but Tim Hill struggled today and walked two runs in before getting a double play. 


Also Kyle Zimmer made his debut, and it didn’t disappoint.

He went an inning allowing one single and struck out a pair. He touched 96 on the radar gun, and has finally made it to the big leagues after a long road to the majors. He even got the Pitching Ninja treatment after the game. 


This is what he had to say about his debut in the bigs, and how it is a dream come true. 


Chis Ellis also made his major league debut and got a scoreless inning in. I know it isn’t the same for some KC fans, because of how long they have been waiting on Zimmer but any Major League debut is of note. He is a Rule 5 guy for KC that they are hopeful will make an impact this season. I will try to post a video of him Tuesday when I have a chance to catch up with him. 




What I think I know from the first weekend:


Brad Keller is the real deal. I was a little slow to come around…Rule 5 picks in short seasons feels like a weird place to put a lot of faith but Keller exactly the same guy as last year. 

He looks like a groundball machine, with a fastball that has enough dip to it teams are having a hard time keeping up. Couple that with a slider that looked as good as it has, and you seem the makings of a possible top of the rotation guy. 


Junis still needs to avoid the long ball. That doesn’t mean that he can’t have a really nice season. His slider also looked great the other day, and just one mistake changeup that cost him a HR. He allowed the third most HRs last season and will need to work on that part to keep being a key part of the rotation. Plus I got to make a dated sci-fi television reference so that was fun. 


Lopez is an unknown and I still need so time to decide if he can get deeper into games on a more regular basis. 


Kennedy in bullpen could be a weapon. I am a little concerned that his velocity hasn’t taken the move up that a lot of guys get, but the results in spring looked good and he knows how to get outs. Short spurts will help him and even he admitted that he has enjoyed the switch more than he was anticipating.


The rest of the bullpen is still a mystery. A lot of players who have had success, and a lot of unknowns. The Royals are only carrying one bullpen arm from the Opening Day 25 man last year and that is Tim Hill. Don’t panic yet because of a less than smooth start, and instead let it play itself out for a few weeks. 


The top of the order can HIT. I know it is early, and Gordon will still need to prove he can be part of what he used to be…..but they can hit. Soler and Mondesi showing a lot of extra base power early, with Whit looking like the same everyday hitter he was last season. Whit always looks comfortable and will pile up a mountain of hits again. Also Mondesi and Soler are studs, and I cant be convinced otherwise at the moment.  


Mondesi has more talent that any player that I can remember. Even more than Carlos Beltran who I remember having more than I could understand. If he uses it correctly he will be a star this season. 


Chris Owings is going to play every day. You take that information, and do with it what you would like, but he is going to play every day. He had a nice spring and is a nice versatile piece, and time will tell is he can hit the way they expect him too. Honestly, I was impressed with how he hit in spring, and am hopeful it will carry through. 


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