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Kennedy to the bullpen? He hasn't heard yet

Cody Tapp
February 13, 2019 - 2:34 pm

Spring Training: Day Two


We talked about speed yesterday and while that won’t be the last time we discuss it lets step back today to look at questions marks instead.


Speed is a known. They have it. They want to use it.


Pitching is where the questions come in. Ned said today that they have as many as 10 guys who could compete for a starter spot. While that number seems high, and probably is, Dayton Moore didn’t seem to think the possibilities were way below that.


Duffy, Keller, and Junis are locks for the rotation and I doubt the Ian Kennedy bullpen experiment starts until later in the season. Ned did say today that Kennedy in the bullpen has been kicked around but I think it only takes hold if Kennedy has a slow start to the season. That leaves one spot for Lopez, Bailey, Fillmyer, Hahn, Sparkman, and Oaks as the 6 guys doing battle for one spot


Later this week I will give you a breakdown of how much I like each of those candidates but with so many starting option what does it mean for the bullpen?

All the guys who don’t make the 25 wont just be shuttled to the pen. Several still have options and could begin the season there. Boxberger coupled with Peralta are the likely back end pieces with a plethora of other options looming


I know you are sick of the name but the most interesting choice is Kyle Zimmer. While he admitted today he could thought about walking away from baseball it was clear he never that close


While his days as a starter appear to be done it is Ian Kennedy who is wondering if a switch to the bullpen is his in future too.


Kennedy told us today that the conversation about the bullpen hasn’t really officially happened yet despite the fact both Dayton and Ned have mentioned in interviews. He had a good attitude about it but also doesn’t want to get stuck in a middle relief role.


Here is a link to the full statement from Ian about it and it is certainly worth a listen



You can hear the honesty and see it to when talking to him. I don’t think the bullpen is where is heart is set but he will have a willingness to do things for the Royals. The question is whether he is even the right fit for that role and if the Royals showed their hand a little soon before finding out where he might land.


I think Zimmer and Kennedy in a bullpen together could be an intriguing option but to me Kennedy still seems bound for the rotation unless a lot changes.


Plenty of comeback stories to watch this year. That’s for sure


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Cody Tapp

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