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Cody's Corner: Spring Walk-Off and How Brett Phillips Fits In


Cody Tapp
March 07, 2019 - 5:35 pm

Cody’s Corner


Royals: 8

Angels: 7

The Royals were in action today against the Angels and Brad Keller got his second start of Spring Training.


Brad Keller let up three run in the first two innings but was the victim of some bad circumstance. Alex Gordon took a step in on a hard hit liner and it went over his head to allow the first two to score and then a bloop single cost him the other run.

In the third inning of work he let the first two batter reach on a single and a walk but got out of it unharmed overall. He allowed three runs on four hits and walked a pair. He was able to get the strikeout today and recorded four of those in just three innings of work.

Also Mondesi is incredibly smooth at SS. Made a diving catch on a liner that he has 0.0000001 seconds worth of reaction time and made several other range plays look very easy.

The young guys did shine again again and made a four run comeback and won with a walkoff Jorge Bonifacio HR.

Also before the game I had a chance to check in with Josh Staumont who is fighting for one of those competitive bullpen spot for the Royals.

Walks have been an issue in the past but so far this spring he has shown very good command. He has only walked one batter so far and he admits that a shift of placement on the rubber has helped get him some more swings and misses


I also talked with Brett Phillips today who is happt with the way he has been working but would only rate his early offensive performance a “5-6 out of 10” as he knows he still needs to get more contact. I really like the upside of Phillips and think his potential is incredibly high for KC.


His increased walks are a good sign that he is seeing it ok at the plate and he will get a fresh start in a full year for the Royals.


The more regular at bats and time he gets in the organization the more comfortable I think he will become too.

I think he is a lot like former Royals who possess a ton of talent and athleticism and when the comfort continues to grow so will his skill level in the bigs. I think he gets serious time with the Royals this year even if his season could start at AAA. The talent will eventually get him a good look. He is focused on not putting too much pressure on himself to make sure he is comfortable at the plate.


We had a really fun conversation overall and even talked about which TV/Movies he likes and how he spends some of his free time. That full conversation can be found at under the Hot Stove show. Or you can just listen to it here.


Lastly we are still waiting to see if the Royals will make a move at catcher but so far they have stuck with in house candidates. Martin Maldonado did change agents today so we will see if that has an impact on it.

I still like the in house options but I can understand the appeal of a veteran catcher. I will have more on that as it develops.


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