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Cody's Corner: Ian Kennedy to stay in the rotation...for now


Cody Tapp
March 08, 2019 - 4:54 pm

Cody’s Corner



Royals: 8

Reds: 3


The plan for Ian Kennedy has both stayed the same but has more security in the rotation because of injury. He went four innings today so certianly being streched out isnt going to be an issue but the results on the day were a mixed bag. He got hit hard in the first and allowed a pair of runs but after a lead off single ended with a runner at 3rd with no one out, he recovered by striking out too and esacping trouble.

He also called the two run homer he allowed "wind aided" and I agree. It wasn't hit very hard.

He allowed another run in the 4th on a leadoff double that eventually came around to score on a pair of outs that advanced the runner. His stuff looked ok and it is early but the Royals are hoping for better results than last year.

Kennedy got the start against the Red today in his second appearance of the spring. As a reminder the Royals had been kicking around the possibility of him in a bullpen role but as injuries have happened in the starting rotation that plan appears to be on hold.


If Kennedy is in the rotation to start the season (and I suspect he will be), then the Royals have three spots locked up with Keller, Junis, and Kenendy slotted in. They would be crossing fingers hoping for Duffy health but I don’t think they want to jump the gun there.


Here is Kennedy after his start.


The interesting part for that possibility is the Royals don’t actually need a 5th start until April 12th, more than two weeks into the season.

Even if Duffy isn’t healthy they could hold his spot in the rotation until he is and carry an extra bullpen arm until her was ready. Fillmyer and Lopez are the likely candidates if they need two starters but if its just one the battle is still tight.

Lopez has a high upside but has been inconsistent while Fillmyer still has options that the team could exercise and stash him in AAA.


Another quick note from today. Khalil Lee looked solid. He went 3-3 and was hit by a pitch reaching base 4 times. In talking to people in the organization they are still very high on him. He hit the ball hard and continues to look more and more comfortable at the plate. Ned talked about Kennedy and Khalil Lee today

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