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Glass in discussion to sell the Royals and Cody Tapp weighs in

What that could mean for KC

Cody Tapp
August 27, 2019 - 5:27 pm

Reports from The Athletic say that David Glass is in discussion to possible sell the Kansas City Royals 

The report comes as a surprise to at least me, as I has heard very little about any possibilty of this until Rosenthal had sent out the bombshell this afternoon. The ownership group is reportedly being lead by John Sherman who is currently the vice chairman of the Cleveland Indians, but lives in and is from KC. 

Here is a little background for how he became involved with the Indians. 

For me this could mean a number of things including status with a GM, coaching staff, a downtown stadium and so much more. Dayton Moore told Jeffrey Flanagan of that it would be innappropiate to comment at this time, and that is understandable. It doesn't sound like a done deal yet, but every prediciton we made about how stadium, TV, and coaching moves going forward could be completely different under a different set of managment. 

David Glass stands to turn a healthy profit in the deal, as he bought the team for just 96 million dollars, and its most recent Forbes evaluation had their value over one billion dollars. I will have more in the days to come as I look further into it, but I am intrigued to say the least 


Cody Tapp

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