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Eric Skoglund talks about his suspension

Cody Tapp
February 16, 2019 - 11:09 am

Cody’ Corner: Eric Skoglund talks about his suspension


Spring Training Day 5


The rotation seems to have a lot of options for the 5thspot this year but one name that won’t included to start is Eric Skoglund. He was suspension this last winter for 80 games after a failed drug test from MLB.


Skoglund hadn’t really spoken about the issue until today and it was clear he believes he didn’t knowingly take anything he wasn’t supposed to. 


He recounted what he had in the days that surrounded the positive test and didn’t have a guess for what could have caused the positive test. 


He was pretty emotional from the beginning but when he talked about what the conversation between him and Dayton was like, he was overcome briefly. It is always hard to know the true circumstances of all these cases but for what it is worth Skoglund came off genuine to me in his remorse and adamant that he didn’t do anything on purpose or with “malice”.


When he reentered the room, still trying to stay composed, he asked me to repeat my questions about Dayton.


“It was a relief”, he said about the interaction and continued to talk about the burden that is lifted by having that conversation.


If you plan to appeal a suspension you aren’t supposed to discuss it with the team, teammates, etc. He said the people that did know were his girlfriend and his parents. Skoglund made it sound like the decision not to appeal was to get it off chest and try to move through it emotionally. 


I don’t think the decision came easy considering what he said about not knowing what caused the positive test. Skoglund is allowed to participate in Spring Training workouts and later can be assigned to extended ST during his suspension. It will be a long road for Skoglund he clearly appeared to be still working through the emotions of the suspension


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