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Cody Corner: The Bullpen Conundrum


Cody Tapp
February 17, 2019 - 11:42 am

Cody’s Corner


Spring Training Day 6:


With yet another signing into the bullpen the Royals plan for the pen has become even more clear. It is a game of darts.


Every move this spring has been about finding out which veteran reliever is a bounce back candidate. A plan I actually like when you consider the low risk that the Royals are taking


Storen is on a minor league deal so even if you aren’t a big fan of his it comes with so little risk that the complaint would fall deaf. Never complain about a minor league deal because it is a constant get of jail free card if it doesn’t work out.


Here is what Storen said about where he is health wise and why he chose the Royals


The reason why I like the plan with the bullpen is twofold.


One: The bullpen was really bad last year and needed a complete overall. They have enough arms here in Surprise to decide who they think best fits the plan. Boxberger, Hill, McCarthy, Zimmer, Lovelady, Peralta, Ellis, McWilliams, and a bevy of possible guys that don’t land the 5th starter spot. I haven’t even given you the full list as a few other names like Newberry are possible as well


Two: They have had success trying getting more good years out of guys that has once had success. Look no further than Wily Peralta who closed games well for the Royals late in the season.


It is also the current hand they are dealt. Bullen relievers have gotten too expensive after the Royals run in 2015 especially when you are talking about long term deals. The Royals highest pitching contract ever is Ian Kennedy and he is raking in 70 millions for his contract while high quality relievers can go for big dollars. Wade Davis is making 52 million over three years and there are relievers above his 18 million per year


This is why the Royals find them themselves with rule 5 guys, discount veterans on one year deals, the few vets that were working last year and a few young faces from the organization.


I personally like the plan as the entitre bullpen could be built on less than 15 million dollars if done correctly and the less they commit now means more to spend when they expect the team to take the next jump.

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