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Brad Keller and Tim Anderson suspended

Cody Tapp
April 19, 2019 - 1:54 pm

Baseball handed down some suspensions for Brad Keller, Tim Anderson, and Rick Renteria in relation to the benches clearing incident on Wednesday. 



The benches cleared after a pitch that was thrown by Keller hit Anderson in the hip, that seemed to be in relatiation for Anderson's reaction after hitting a HR off Keller. 


Keller did deny it was at him but this is business as usualy for MLB. They often hand out 5 game suspensions for action that looks this way but in the large scheme is means almost nothing. Keller would still get the same number of starts in the season. Really all it does is push back his next start by one day 

The Royals will have to maybe spot start or push someone up the list but overall this have very little to zero impact. Tim Anderson's suspension apparently came after  racially charged word was used following being hit by the pitch. That accoridng to ESPN's Jeff Passan.

Rick Renteria also got a one game suspension in relation to his actions following the ball that hit Anderson. I will have more commentary on it later but as always stay up to date here on

Cody Tapp 

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