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Possible CFB playoff teams emerge

A cool new tradition in college football

Carrington Harrison
September 25, 2017 - 3:04 pm

Could TCU be the best team in the Big 12? You could certainly make that case after the very impressive win at Oklahoma State on Saturday. The schedule gods did not look down too kindly on TCU this year with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Kansas State all on the road this season but if you go 2-1 in those games and with the Big 12 implementing a Championship Game this year, it’s time we put TCU in the playoff conversation.

Saquon Barkley is something special. So far this season, 66 carries for 518 yards plus add that to 23 catches for 335 yards. It sucks that RBs rarely win the Heisman (only three winners since the turn of the century) but he is putting together a Heisman-esque season.

Game of inches. Look at how close this was to being deflected and totally changing the course of Penn State’s and Iowa’s seasons.

Flea Flickers are still incredibly cool.

Can we even consider the SEC East “Real SEC”?  This is the part where you turn the game off and start over. An abysmal showing from the right side of the conference. If Georgia doesn’t win this division, they should be relegated to the MAC.

How cool is this? College sports aren’t perfect but sometimes they are.

What are you doing?! What was the plan here? What was the strategy? Florida has beaten Kentucky for THIRTY ONE STRAIGHT SEASONS. For perspective, the last time Kentucky beat Florida, Vinny Testaverde was still in college.

There are no words for this. I’m as pro-celebrating as one can be… once you get in the end zone. Cabbage patch, Milly Rock, Dab, whatever. I don’t care but at least wait until you score.

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This is an awful penalty. I’m happy that Von Miller took responsibility but this is an awful game changing penalty that shouldn’t be called. Time and place. The officials inserted themselves into a spot where they shouldn’t have. This penalty lost Denver the game in my opinion.

Was there any doubt?! * whispers * maybe the Patriots aren’t as good as many of us thought.

Odell Beckman is amazing. He’s frustrating at times, sure but he’s one of the three best wide receivers in the league and has the ability to complete take over and dictate the course of the game like he did on Sunday. Don’t ever lose sight of that simple fact.

The Ravens are stuck. Joe Flacco is under contract for at least the next 2 seasons, you aren’t getting out of that deal. Flacco is the artist that had 1 hit record and then got signed to a major label. What a jig he pulled but flags fly forever though right?

Can anyone figure Jacksonville out? Week 1, nice road win at Houston. Week 2, back to life, back to reality against Tennessee and then Week 3, a #beatemdown of Baltimore. Who knows what’s next for Dr. Jeckll and Mr Hyde Jags.

Quarterback controversy in Minnesota? Probably not but if I had a game ball to give away this week, I would give it to Case Keenum. 369 yards, three TDs and no picks. He’s holding it down in Bradford’s absence.

This might be the end for Darren Sproles. If it is, salute. It was a joy to watch you play.



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