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Playoff and Heisman race clearing up.

Carrington gives his NFL and college thoughts from the weekend

Carrington Harrison
November 06, 2017 - 10:40 am

Big Ten elimination day. Ohio State. GONE. Penn State. GONE. Ohio State got the doors blown on them in Des Moines and Penn State let a great opportunity get away....

Which leaves the Heisman Race completely open. Saquon Barkley was in the lead but with two losses and Baker Mayfield's SIX HUNDRED YARD passing day, you'd have to consider the OU quarterback in the lead. Big game next weekend as Oklahoma faces off against TCU.

You make the call. This looks like a fumble to me. He catches it, makes a "football" move and then fumbles. The play was ruled an incompletion.

Auburn could be the first two loss team to make the CFB playoff. The Tigers sit at 7-2 with a home game against Georgia and Alabama. Win both and you win the SEC West with another shot to play Georgia in the SEC Championship game. You'd have to think if they win out, they are in. 

Have you seen this video yet? Crazy. Here's more on the story. 

So... who's telling Cam?

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. You have to appreciate the attempt. 

Carson Wentz or bust. The MVP award is his to lose. Philadelphia pounded Denver into submission. 

HUGE win for the Raiders. Oakland moves to 4-5 and a loss would've all but eliminated them from the playoffs. The Dolphins are what's wrong with the NFL. Not good, not bad, just blah. Someone tell the big man to get down.

Beautiful drive from Cousins. On the road, against Seattle, Kirk Cousins takes Washington 70 yards in 35 seconds to stun the Seahawks, who at the halfway point are in a fight for the division with Los Angeles. 

We all fell for it. The Hard Knocks glow up crushes another team's dream. This was the Buccaneers year, the offense was going to take a big step foward, the defense was solid, constant turnover in the NFC South but of course not, we are all idiots and the Bucs are going to pick top 10. Plus, what in the hell is Jameis talking about?

Are the Rams for real? A convincing win over the Giants doesn't do anything (who gave up a touchdown on 3rd and 33) but the Rams sit at 6-2 and are 4-0 on the road this season. 11 wins doesn't seem impossible given their remaining schedule

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