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Hail Mary Best Play In Sports

Still like K-State

Carrington Harrison
September 18, 2017 - 12:11 pm

Oklahoma State treated Pittsburgh like an FCS opponent. Score was 49-14 at the half. Straight beatdown. I still like K-State after the lost to Vanderbilt but the top of the Big 12 seems to be a two horse race. Mason Rudolph Heisman sleeper? 1135 yards and 11 TD/1 INT so far on the season and went 23-32 for 497 and FIVE touchdowns in this one. He will be a name to track in the race.

Don’t ever call this play again.  

Let’s watch it from a different angle.

Rip it out of the playbook. Delete it from your iPad. Never speak on it again. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. It never happened. 

Find a more miserable picture from this Saturday's action. I dare you. 

If you grew up a fan of the Big 12 the way I did, thinking a team like Northern Illinois would go into Lincoln and leave with a W is unthinkable. No disrespect to the Huskies who are 4-1 in the Big 10 on the road under Rod Carey, but teams like Northern Illnois would NEVER win in Lincoln back in my day. Mike Riley is now 16-13 with two home losses to BYU and Northern Illinois plus a frustrated AD.

How many good teams are there in college football? I asked a good friend of mine and we came up with three: Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma. Those are the only ones I am for sure about. I guess it’s good that we only need four. Obviously we will learn more about Penn State, USC etc. but those are the three I feel really good about.

Clemson is the second best program in the country. Maybe that was established a while ago and this is my late pass.  But that’s not an arguable point anymore.  They're 31-2 since 2015 with two National Title Appearances, the ring and they don’t look like they’ve missed a beat with Deshaun Watson going off to the NFL.

It will be hard to top USC/Texas this year. Who do we need to talk to to make that a yearly thing? Matt Leinart (the handshake!) and Vince Young on the sideline, the freshman walk on kicker who hits his first two kicks at the end of regulation and for the win in overtime, Sam Ehlinger the freshman made some big time throws in that environment. Few times do games live up to the hype but that was a worthy sequel.

The last second Hail Mary is still the best play in sports. Don’t @ me.

Last year, in Seattle’s first two games, they scored 15 points. This year, they’ve scored 21 points. They eventually got things going but it’s something to keep an eye on. That defense is still top five in the league but the offense is far too hit or miss to trust. I’m starting to cool on Seattle as a SB contender but I have far too much belief in Russell Carrington Wilson.

Guess who leads the NFL in touchdown passes? Trevor Siemian.

Speaking of Broncos-Cowboys, two questions: Were we off on the Broncos who are 2-0 and just dominated the Cowboys? I was very low on Denver. Poor QB play, figured the window has passed on the defense and picked them to come in last in the AFC.  But you have to take notice to a dominate performance like that. Second question: How will Dak and Ezekiel Elliott respond to their first NFL beatdown? Happens to everyone but the Cowboys got thoroughly outplayed on Sunday and Elliott didn’t look too engaged at times. Big spot for the 2nd year QB to rally the squad.

I think Rob Gronkowski should retire while he’s still relatively healthy. I think a healthy Gronk is the best TE to ever live. I don’t care what the numbers say or how long he’s played, I’m taking a healthy Gronk over everybody but I don’t know if we will see that player consistently again. Look at how he moves and how he gets up from hits. He moves like Grandpa Pickles (the 90s babies know). I still think that this 80%-85% healthy Gronk can be very productive and still be an elite TE in the NFL but I don’t know how many hits that body has left. Gronk can do a lot of different things. Media personality, host parties in Vegas, whatever. He’s one of the more likeable players we’ve seen in a while but he doesn’t look right and when you have the options he does, it’s something to consider.

Imagine paying 18.5 million dollars guaranteed for a player and still be awful at that position? Well if you can, then you are the Bears

My top 5 teams in the NFL right now would be: Kansas City, Oakland, New England, Atlanta, Pittsburgh.

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