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CDot's thoughts on college, NFL weekend

Baylor is brutal, Russell Wilson RUN!

Carrington Harrison
September 11, 2017 - 1:35 pm

Lamar Jackson is still the best player in college football, until I see otherwise. He’s so fun to watch. So much is made about his NFL draft stock.  I’d love to hear from a scout or draft expert that made Johnny Manziel a potential #1 overall pick, and eventually a first round pick, but doesn’t seem the same infatuation with Lamar Jackson. What does Manziel do that well that Lamar doesn’t? He’s so dynamic, explosive and has a better arm than Manziel  I don’t know how you can see this pass and not want to at least give him a chance at QB.

It’s Baker Mayfield’s Heisman to lose. You know the numbers are going to be there. That’s not in question. The committee loves those kind of statement wins and moments. On the road, in The Horseshoe, 27/35 for 386, 3TDs and no INTs.  Plus, he had a pretty triumphant moment at the end of the game.  

Was I the only one asking, "Do they win that game if Stoops was coaching?"?

Baylor. Woof. Week 1, loss at home to Liberty. Week 2, loss at home to University of Texas San Antonio, a game in which you scored 10 points. Baylor was held to 10 points by the Roadrunners.

I love the swagger of James Franklin. Anytime you can get a crack like this against your rival, you gotta take it. I think today you have to consider them the best team in the Big Ten plus schedule wise, Ohio State doesn’t look as bad plus Michigan is at home. Playoff?

This is the best thing to happen this weekend in football. Don’t @ me.

How do you only score seven against a Big 12 defense? I kid. I kid. But if you’re Arkansas, has time run out for Bret Bielema? It’s not like he can use the “I need time” argument or “These aren’t my guys”.  It’s year five and Arkansas is 26-27 under Bielema and 10-22 in the SEC. It’s hard to argue progress, and moving in the right direction.

Look at USC’s schedule. How are they not a playoff team? Good win this week against Stanford.

The Colts have known Andrew Luck wasn’t 100% for how long? How do you go into week one with Scott Tolzein?! God bless his heart but yeah… no. Completed 50% of his passes, 128 yards and a pick TY Hilton looked like he could use a hug.

Aside from the Chiefs, I thought Oakland had the best first week showing.  On the road against a team I think makes the playoffs in Tennessee, and Oakland came away with a 10 point victory. Carr looks fully healthy, offense still humming and it was great to see Marshawn back.

Carson Palmer looks WASHED. My firm belief is that your team’s window is never open as long as you think it will be. That’s the case in Arizona. Per our own Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, who joins Lake & Bink Mondays at 12:15pm, David Johnson is set to miss time.  

Arizona will be drafting a QB in the first round next season. Book it.

Seattle gave Russell Wilson a shiny new deal and told him “You figure it out with this offensive line”.  Salary cap league so you can’t pay everyone but why you invest so heavily in your QB and constantly put him in harm’s way with that O Line, doesn’t seem to add up to me.

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