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The NFL Afford It

It's worth $74 billion

Brad Fanning
June 05, 2017 - 2:38 pm

The Chiefs cut wide receiver Jeremy Maclin Friday night and gained $10-million in salary cap space.  They cut their best wide receiver to save money.  They got worse…because they had to.  

Huh?  This makes absolutely no sense to me. None.

According to Business Insider the National Football League is worth more than $74-billion.  The NFL is worth more than Major League Baseball and the NBA combined.  Money isn’t the issue here.  The NFL is big tobacco.  The king of the jungle.  It’s the rare sport where fans will watch all the games, not just their favorite team.  The NFL prints money. 

What’s the point of a salary cap if it makes your team worse and waters down the sport?  There’s more roster turnover which leads to a watered-down version of football because it takes new players longer to learn complex systems.

The most valuable piece of the NFL business plan is the players, but some of the time teams cut their best (and most expensive) guys to stay under a salary cap that doesn’t need to exist.

The NFL’s salary cap in 2017 is a smidge more than $167-million.  There are nine MLB teams with a higher team payroll than that.  And MLB rosters have 28 fewer players!

The salary cap helps owners bank accounts and hurts the quality of sport.  It’s that simple. 

The league and players should get rid of the cap, but keep contracts the same.  What I mean by that is that the only guaranteed money for the player remains the signing bonus.  That stays the same.  Teams can still cut players if they want, but they won’t have to do it because of the salary cap.

If the salary cap did not exist, Jeremy Maclin wouldn't have gotten cut.  That’s better for the team, the league and most importantly for the fans.  Of course, Steven Serda says, the Chiefs will be fine without Maclin.  But in Denver, they're glad he's gone.

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